Pride is not only a time for celebrating; for some it’s an open act of resistance. This year’s New York City Pride embodied both of those things. In addition to attending events like Pride Island, which featured legendary performers like Patti LaBelle and the rooftop women’s party Teaze, 2017 Pride participants marched back to the event’s historic roots.

People openly protested issues LGBTQ people of color face daily at the hands of police and corporations; 12 people were even arrested. #BlackLivesMatter NYC released an open letter criticizing the NYPD’s involvement in the Pride activities and citing a long history of police brutality specifically towards LGBTQ people of color. 

With a badass Instagram round-up, here are some of the ways that queer people of color and allies showed up to NYC Pride this year.


2. Affectionately.

3.  Proudly.

4. Fashionably (Late).

5. Lovingly.

🌈 Happy Pride 🌈

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6. Sparkly.

7. Boldly.

8. Radically.

9. Joyfully.

Too much joy #nycpride #nycpride2017

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10. Youthfully.

The next generation.

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11. Playfully.

12. Colorfully.

13. Deliberately.

ELIXHER was a proud media sponsor of NYC Pride.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano Empire State Building in Rainbow Colors for Gay Pride 2015 via photopin (license)

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