Week in Review (June 23 – June 29)

Stay in the know. Check out this week’s top stories: LaLa Anthony 'Single Ladies' guest role counters homophobia, Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act, former NFL player Wade Davis writes a letter to LGBT athletes and more.

Ask Dr. Bukky: Top 5 Mistakes Couples Make

From thinking an issue is “resolved” because they have discussed it to waiting until they are on the brink of break up before going to couple's therapy, Dr. Bukky explores the top 5 mistakes couples make when they're having difficulties.

Support the Cause: BlackOUT Magazine

BlackOUT, a magazine for Black LGBT people, was founded by Sajdah Golde after her experience as a cast member of Showtime’s The Real L Word. They've only got six days to meet their goal. Donate now!

From Here to Queer

"To queer something is to complicate it, to look at the seams that bind things to each other." Writer Cyree Jarelle Johnson reassess hir deep discomfort with the word "queer" and how others have come to embrace the term.

Week in Review (Jun. 16 – Jun. 22)

Some of the week's top stories: the gay rights movement becomes more inclusive, a psychologist studies the connection between gender identity and sexual assault, and a writer examines the relationship between black universities, the LGBT community, and Greek life. Stay in the know and share!