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ELIXHER | October 14, 2015

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Monthly Archives: July 2012

PHOTOS: Style on the Street

July 31, 2012 |

Style on the Street (SOS) spotlights the versatile and vibrant styles of women of color. You’ll love these five fashion bloggers’ summer looks!Read More

Who Run the World? Brown Grrrlz

July 30, 2012 | 1

The Brown Grrrlz Project is a collective dedicated to “challenging the way that hegemonic society defines and oppresses Femme identified womyn of colour” by allowing them to author their own experience.Read More

Wed., Aug. 15 – Mon., Aug. 20: Queer Black August (Durham, NC)

July 28, 2012 |

Join an intergenerational gathering of queer people of color on a five day retreat focusing on African spirituality and healing poetics. Read More

Week in Review (July 21 – July 27)

July 27, 2012 |

Click. Watch. Read. Check out this week’s top stories: Jennifer Carroll apologizes for ‘black lesbian’ remark; once blocked, 10-year-old’s appeal for gays to wed gets city council audience; and more!Read More

Tumblr Thursdays

July 26, 2012 |

Be inspired. Check out this week’s top Tumblr finds. Read More

Letter from the Editor: Four Ways to Support ELIXHER

July 26, 2012 | 4

We can’t continue to do this work without you. Here are four simple ways you can show your support.Read More

Black Lesbians Run Deep, But Do We Run $H!T?

July 25, 2012 | 1

Without a doubt we run deep in some areas, but are we running things there? Where is this lesbian utopia for black women? Please. Tell. Me. Now.Read More

Our Family: Telle and Kelly

July 24, 2012 | 3

Our Family is a series that celebrates two-mommy families and delves into some of the challenges they face. The goal of the series is to depict same-sex parent families in a way that’s authentic and dispels myths associated with same-sex childrearing. This week we chat with Telle, 31, and Kelly, 45, about their blended family, newborn daughter, Zoey, and their decision to co-parent with Zoey’s biological mother, Ane, 30.

ELIXHER: How do you define “family”?
TELLE: Any group of people in a social structure that live together, grow together, and love together whether they are near or far, no matter what the circumstance. There are so many ways to define a family, but the way I define it is complete and unconditional love for my immediate family members and anyone that has taken on the role of a very close friend and confidant. Biology isn’t all there is to a family, and I’ve had friends who have felt more at home with my family than with their own. Family is my greatest source of love and strength.
KELLY: I define family as my close relatives; my partner and my partner’s close relatives. Zoey is the newest member of our ever-expanding family.

ELIXHER: Tell us a bit about your family.
KELLY: I have two grown boys, ages 27 and 28, three grandchildren, ages 6, 4 and 2. I identify as a “femme,” and I happen to be bubbly with a welcome and open spirit. I have a live-in-the-moment type personality. We live on the north side of Chicago. My oldest son, John, lives one floor below us in the same building.
TELLE: My immediate family consists of my girlfriend, my 4-month-old daughter, Zoey, and my daughter’s biological mom, Ane. I also have a dog named Voldermort. I have no biological children of my own, however, I consider Zoey to be related by a bond that is just as powerful; love. I’m a soft-stud lesbian who prescribes to an old school train of thought as it relates to my family and romantic relationships. I’m very big on chivalry — opening doors, pulling out seats, wining and dining, and treating my lady like a queen.

Although there is often criticism directed at lesbians who tend to “adopt heterosexual roles” in relationships, I must say that I’m proud of the butch-femme history and everything it represents. It has served the GLBTQ community well throughout the decades. It’s natural to want to mimic our parents healthy relationships, which is traditionally at the heart of the matter. A large source of my pride is derived not only from my connection to and my sense of family and culture, but also the community of butch women before me who pioneered a path that allows people like me to be whoever we want to be; without fear of rejection, disregard, or disrespect for who we are, and how we identify.

My girlfriend is a high-spirited woman. Her heart is as kind as her soul. With that said, we love a healthy debate every now and then, but I’m the highly competitive one in the family, and everyone knows it. My daughter’s personality is still developing, but she has a beautiful spirit that shines through more every day. She’s full of smiles, laughter, and surprises and every time I look into her pretty little face, I can’t help but think of how lucky I am. She’s a very happy baby. Zoey and her mommy split their time, 50/50, between grandma’s place and mine.

Read More

Comic Eddie Griffin May Be Sued By Lesbians For Assault

July 24, 2012 |

A woman claims she threw a drink in the face of comedian Eddie Griffin after he pumped his crotch in to her face because he realized she’s a lesbian and she may sue over the incident.Read More

Sat., Aug. 11: Fire Island Black Out HER & HER Happy Hour (Cherry Grove, Fire Island)

July 23, 2012 |

Fire Island Black Out (FIBO) is a multicultural weekend celebration for the LGBT community. Ladies meet HER at the Tiki Bar Deck for a women’s only affair. Hosted by the lovely women of ELIXHER.Read More