Help Build Community: The Scholars Program

Skip the morning latte or after-work cocktail and contribute the Chicago's Affinity Scholars Program, a leadership development initiative for queer and transgender young women of African descent between the ages of 18 and 24.

We Are Allies Too

Being an ally is not just the job of straight supporters. As members of the LGBT community we must also serve in the capacity of allies to one another. What ways are you an ally to other queers of color?
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Sun., Aug. 26: 2nd Annual Bed-Stuy Pride (New York City)

One of the queerest neighborhoods of color in all of New York City will showcase its unique cultural flair with performances from guests like Orikl, Sons of Unity and the Lavender Light Gospel Choir. With music, entertainment, rallies, and educational offerings, Bed-Stuy pride has a little bit of everything for everyone as the summer winds down. Don't miss out!

Emerging Leaders Guide to Getting to OUT on the Hill on a Dime

As Emerging Leaders, we don’t always have the means to pay for conference costs. That didn’t stop me (and the ten Norfolk University students I recruited last year). And it shouldn’t stop you. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming summit and six steps for you to attend OUT on the Hill at practically no expense.