In honor of Valentine’s Day, all week ELIXHER will be celebrating our loveour love of self, our love of other Black queer women, and everything in between. To kick things off, here are 25 touching photos of queer women couples that’ll tug at your heart strings. Inspired by Buzzfeed’s 25 Beautiful Photos Of Queer Men Of Color That Will Make You Believe In Love Again.

1. So precious.


2. Yesssss!


3. Swoon.


Photo by Erica Camille Photography (

4. Awwws.


5. THE best kind of selfies.


6. Too cute for words.

tumblr_mxzhma4J8X1sc84gio2_500 (couple’s Tumblr)

7. Adorbs.


8. Cay-ute.


Photo by Erica Camille Photography (

9. Gaaaah.  


10. Picture perfect.


Photo by Erica Camille Photography (

11. Timeless.


12. Can you handle the level of cuteness?!


13. Can you feel the love?

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 8.00.56 AM

14. Grab the tissues in…five…


Photo by Kelly Prizel (

15. Four…


Photo by Craig Paulson Photography (

16. Three…


17. Two…


18. One…


19. So many feels…


20. And laughs.


Photo by Scrole Vision Photography (

21. Just beautiful. 


22. “I got you babe.”

Couples arrive at Superior Court to obtain their marriage licenses after the District of Columbia legalized gay marriage in Washington, on Wednesday, March 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

23. THIS.


24. Silly faces, kisses, and queers, oh my. 


25. Welp, we’re believers again. Are you?


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67 Responses

  1. Angelia

    I love all the pictures. They represent my life. I’ve been with my wife 15 years and it was nice to see black lesbian love displayed so beautiful!

  2. Mama T

    Good Evening, Everyone. Take it from a silver fox. ” Keep your dream big.” Do you think when I was a little black girl growing up in Texas I thought I would see same sex couples marry? Beautiful couples living with dignity and love? “Keep your dreams big”

  3. Mary

    Coming from a married mother/grandmother’s thoughts, I feel the photos represent the beauty of people in love. We need to quit all of this negativity and realize we cannot help who we fall in love with. Many people live in the closets in fear. This is so sad. We need to stop all of this hate. life is way too short to fight. We are many people representing many worlds. Instead of saying I love you for who I want you to be, we need to say I love you for who you are. Blessings.

    • Monica

      Thank you Mary for such an insightful response, to one of life’s greatest mysteries “why do people fall in love” ?? It is a universal truth that ALL HUMANS BEINGS desires a healthy, loving connection with others. The “Word” tells us that we are all beautiful and wonderfully made in his image and that His love for us is eternal and everlasting. It’s also interesting to note that Jesus himself never addressed Homosexuality in the bible….it was other sinful/fallen human beings that did the talking regarding this subject. (Hey Crystal) *Love who you love ladies* & have a wonderful blessed day in the Lord

  4. crystal

    In women conscious mind they know thier living wrong and women know that every living vreature or animal and humans god created male and female to mate and reproduce with a vagina and a penis that’s how we all were born and a womens breast to feed and nurture us not for women to suck on and lick eachother its a sin before jesus christ ladies im not saying a person cant love eachother conditionally but not like that its wrong i just dont understand womens choices snd actions and women dont feel guilty in any way its sad and has to watch all these women sleep with eachother what are men here for if all women are queer wow

    • Shawntai

      I don’t think all the women are queer now, Crystal. You clearly aren’t. And men seem to have no trouble finding women willing to sleep with them, love them or marry them. Women out-number men. Some women also still choose to pro-create with men and have queer relationships. I think we all are often baffled by the decisions of others, especially if those decisions aren’t rooted in a reality we are familiar with. That’s why this site exist. So that women who think and experience reality in a different way than you can find pride, confidence, security and community with like-minded people. Honestly, I cannot image marrying a man in real life. That sounds absurd to me, and like it would be counter to my purpose in life. But I would never go to a hetero-normative marriage site and express my disdain or confusion to people who seem empowered by the idea of marriage between a man and a woman. Ask around your church (every church likely has at least one lesbian or bisexual person). Hopefully, a queer woman in your congregation can give you a clearer answer as to how they can love Jesus and still have a queer romantic and serious love with another woman. I certainly did at one time, and it was the most eye-opening, spiritually-driven love of my life. I was blessed by the experience (and I don’t use the word lightly). I hope this was helpful.

    • crystal

      Women are not strong anymore thier lustful sleeping around with differrent women and claiming they believe i god and have lost all moral ad values for themselves

  5. SYBIL

    i think it’s so beautiful that we can post our gay relationships and not get negative feedback. i love my black sisters taking a stand for love i too am looking for love again…..

  6. Gloria'sWife

    Thanks for showing our love in such a mature loving way, it’s beautiful because it just is.

  7. jade

    Yes to putting together pics of black women in love!! I’ve been looking to find this. Thank you !!

    • Michelle

      In response to Rene,

      Your reason of thinking is precisely why some women are lesbians. But being a lesbian has nothing is simply loving women. Meaning it has nothing to do with you. Real lesbians are drawn to the same women you desire because they love femininity. They love all that a woman has to offer and that literally just means the content of their hearts desire has nothing to do with a man. That doesn’t mean we hate you…we love women. You give the implication that every lesbian is bitter over experiences with men. Allow me to introduce you to me, a women with no bitter experience that simply loves relates and is drawn to other black women. The reason in truth that black men marry other races, statistics will tell you because they prefer more docile relationships. Because there are still millions of heterosexual black women. Don’t impose why you think women love other women …instead ask for actuality. Not all lesbians come from bitter or traumatic experiences. Not all of us woke up and decided to be lesbians. Some of us were born and this is the way we were made. With a definite irrevocable way of loving. That has nothing at all to do with hate or settling or fear of rejection. We love women and that has nothing to do with men. Find a way to meand that “heartbreak” without an idiotiotic disposition.

  8. Breiel

    The images are exquisite! Some of the most loving photos I have ever seen have been of Black Women Loving Black Women! And to you, Rene: Black Women are not settling for one another! We are CHOOSING because, enough times, it is just so right! It has nothing to do with Black Men. It is just, on so man levels and in so many ways, so very right! When you understand that, it will bother you far less.

  9. silky

    I nvr seen ths type of photos..frst time I saw ths type of relation & it make me smile…thank u a lot all of u black ladies…

  10. Nai

    Love these pics, great job putting all theses beautiful photos, so inspiring.
    I’m a bit curious about photo #2, Can anyone give me a bit more information on it, any bit of information is useful for me right now.

  11. Rene

    As a black man looking at this breaks my heart. I wish you women wouldn’t do this type of stuff. Lesbianism in the black community makes it very difficult for us straight black men continue to choose black women for marriage. Most of us don’t like white women but with this super increase in lesbianism we’re deciding to marry women of other races such as latinas, asians, white, indian, arabs, africans, europeans, etc. Stop your lesbianism because it’s killing us inside – it hurts me to see you women do this type of thing and calling it love. Seeing you ladies all hugged up and kissing isn’t attractive because it says you hate us; you don’t want us and you don’t need us. Which is a complete turn off for those of us black men who want to marry you, start a family with you and love and cherish you and treat you right.

    You women could look very beautiful if you just changed your attitudes towards us which is reflected in how you look and your demeanor towards us black men. We still love you ladies and nothing you do will ever change that but as you continue in your lesbianism and glorification of it you’re making it seem like all black women are into your lifestyle. Because looking from the outside in it appears that way even though it’s not true. The more you continue to settle for women by allowing your bitterness towards us black men direct your actions and thoughts the more you’re pushing us black men who would love to marry you, accept you, have children with you and treat you right towards marrying women of the races and nationalities. Stop settling for women and learn to forgive so we can create black families with you. We still love you ladies. I as a black man still love you ladies.

    • Tara G

      This is my reply to Rene: Thank you that you still love us as you claim even though you find that homosexuality (many of us women are attracted to women either lesbian or bisexual) is wrong in YOUR eyes. That is your issue not mine or anyone else’s, so please do not project your problem onto us.
      Many of us in LGBT community are happy and not living in miserable lives because we are believing in our truth and living out publicly, enjoying life like we are deserve and love. Personally I do not hate men, I have met and continue to meet and befriend gentlemen whom respect me as well as I respect them.
      Sending positive energy your way Rene, hopefully you live and love your truth (whatever it is). I, a lovely Brown skin/Black woman, whom is attracted to women/lesbian is living out in my truth and I love life. :) Oh, I suggest to you, Rene, to use this concern of yours in a more positive light, how by being supportive to the LGBT community? No matter who you are, everyone needs support! :)

    • Monica

      Hello Rene.

      Thank you for your heart felt response. Wow!! My immediately response was “He’s can’t be serious”!! Black men are not going to stop marrying white women or women from other races because of black lesbians. Black men have taken their love away from “us” a long time ago and many of us have “moved on we are not looking back”!!

      Our society (along with the Brothers) have made black women feel unattractive, unloved, and not desirable to you. Well bump that!!! We have found love and acceptance from each other.

    • DANCER


    • sammie

      It would be a pleasure for yourself to read your very own comment before posting.It sounds really heartbreaker to hear of such stupidity.The lack of knowledge,not your belief.

    • JurZee67

      Really?! Nothing about these photos says “They hate men” maybe its a you thing. We’re not causing men to do anything but be who they are, do not blame them for your choices…the obvious word being “choice” they eere born with the desire to love hate.if seeing this is detrimental to your psyche..feel free to look away..that’s a choice!

    • amoursil


      Please acquire some education regarding lesbianism. Most women are born this way, including me. Other women become lesbians later in life because they gain the confidence to let themselves act on hidden feelings. Others meet a woman who they become attracted to and their latent tendencies are revealed. There thousands of straight women who are mistreated by men and continue to seek men for love and affection and these women do not become lesbians.

      • crystal

        Renee Im a women and your very right.on your comments on gay women.its a dissapointment for real staight good men women dont realize that thier making good women look bad if you ask those women in those pictures loving eachother do they believe in god and jesus christ they would say yes but thier still living in sin and not living for god the women wants to be loved more badly then men and women only care about themselves being happy and married and kuds and pressure men for those things also finances women blame men for thier choices and all women are capable of being either lesbians,studs,bi sexuals,bi curious,fems women always have had gay tendencies but kept it to themselves most women like both sexes but refuse to admit it and get offended towards people its a sign that they are gay women are a disgrace towards thier great grandmothers and are confused

    • Mikimii

      He’s just trying to find a reason to justify (he absolutely doesn’t have to, lol) him dating inter-racial. Those women in the pictures are not doing that because they hate black men, it’s because they’re not attracted to men. Period.

  12. Priscila

    I’m so Happy to see this! I’m a black Brazilian Girl living in Germany and I don’t know any other black lesbians here. I thought the problem was that I live in a country were most of people are white, but I was reading a post on a blog called “black and lesbian” and so many girls are saying that they don’t know black lesbian in Brazil too.
    Maybe this women in this picture are so far away but I know that they exist and that makes my day!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!

    p.s: I’m sorry for my bad English.

  13. Monica

    Wow!!!! Total amazing!! Read about your magazine in Black Enterprise Magazine. I will definitely subscribe.

  14. Iriane Brown

    Thank you somuch for this post ! #6 is a photo of my girlfriend of two years @ Atlanta Pride Festival 2013 . Please link to . This magazine is amazing , we appreciate everything you guys are doing & support it wholeheartedly !

    Kind regards,

    – A new subscriber :)

  15. Tara

    Hey! This was shared with me from a a friend of mine she said she thought about meli and my girlfriend Regina, lol check out my profile on Facebook Tara j Williams, have a great one.

  16. Tara G.

    Hello. Thank you to author Fiona Zedde for posting this link for me to see these gorgeous photos! I am so happy!!! This is “me”…I can see me in these photos. Finally individuals who remind me of who I am as a Brown skin/Black Lesbian woman, and the various appearances too. Thank you so much for this article of photographs! Happy Valentine’s Day for a happy single woman. :)

  17. Lelo

    This is so beautiful…thank you for sharing, it’s always great to see people in love, it gives one hope

  18. Brit

    This is so beautiful! Please keep posting these beautiful images past Valentine’s Day. It keeps us single folks hopeful.

  19. Erzsi

    Theses are the most beautiful photos ever. This makes the day brighter to see the love that one gives to another. Gorgeous women in all. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Believer

    “Pictures are worth a thousand words.” Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring and beautiful.

  21. Soul

    I’ve been single so long it’s insane. Saw this on a friend’s page. So hopeful all over again. Beautiful!

    • helen

      So have I, but I am yet still holding on! But if only my sisters can look pass what most would call a disability, and look at my abilities I would be just fine. But the judgements that come with who I am, always lead to passovers!

  22. MotivationalMe

    Such beautiful women and each one exemplified the love shared between these couples!

  23. Max Vincent

    Wow–talk about making you believe in love all over again. Congrats to all of you beautiful souls who married and those of you who are just so all in love.


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