Through our highs and hiatuses, you’ve stuck with us. Now, your support is as important as ever. In order to continue to deliver the quality and consistent content we’ve become known for, we’re expanding our team — that’s where you come in! When you invest in ELIXHER, we’re able to keep going and keep growing. Dozens of queer women of color publications and blogs have helped pave the way for us. We want to continue that legacy and our community is our lifeline. Here are five reasons why you should support!

1. The content.


At the core of ELIXHER is content that affirms our existence and multifaceted identities. We’re activists and artists, mothers and music heads, college students and corporate execs. When you come to ELIXHER, you can bring your whole self. Bring your interest in politics and your interest in kink; bring your body/sex/etc. positivities and your insecurities; bring your twerk moves and your boss moves. Bring. It. All.


And we’ll help you unpack the struggles and successes that come with this messy, beautiful thing called life, all through a queer and trans women of color lens. Here’s a glimpse at some of our stories over the years:

2. The team. 


ELIXHER attracts talented writers and editors, from across the country and from diverse backgrounds, who have their fingers to the pulse of what’s happening in our communities. Did we mention they’re all badass? As a team, we thrive knowing we are able to make a difference in our community with a platform that is distinctly for us and by us. With your support, we’re excited to expand this army of storytellers and compensate them for their time and talent.

3. The impact. 


ELIXHER readers at an #ELIXHERTalk at the NYC LGBT Center

ELIXHER’s work has resonated with queer and trans women from all walks of life. We’ve received countless stories about how ELIXHER has literally saved and changed lives — from folks who were isolated and searching for affirmation and a safe space to women moving to a new city and coming across community at one of our events to artists who got gigs from someone stumbling across their ELIXHER interview. And we can’t wait to do more — we’ve only just started.

4. The future. 

Bring it! We ready.

Bring it! We ready.

Black queer women publications have come and gone but ELIXHER is determined to survive and thrive. It is important, especially now, to have control of how our stories are being shared and portrayed in the media. By expanding our capacity to deliver more content, dive deeper with our stories, and convene more safe spaces, you’re increasing our visibility as queer and trans women of color and ability to advocate for our issues.

5. The perks. 


Already have a paid subscription to Netflix or Spotify? What if we told you ELIXHER will continue to give you all the things that keep you coming back, plus more! By supporting this independent Black queer women-owned and -operated platform, you are not only contributing to keeping the lights on but will receive complimentary ad rates, discounted admission to ELIXHER events, updates on our growth, and a chance to spotlight your projects.

Power growth. Power resilience. Power community.


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