bklyn boihood, a collective that creates visibility and builds community within masculine of center bois, lesbians, queers, trans-identified, studs, doms, butches and AGs of color through online media, events, workshops and collaborative projects, is producing their 2012 calendar. They need your help! The money raised will fund printing the calendar, the production team, photographers, editors, filmmakers, on set supplies/food, and wardrobe/hair/makeup. Still haven’t donated to the cause? Here’s five reasons why you should…

1. Visibility matters. It could literally save someone’s life. Somewhere someone discovering and accepting her/himself needs to be celebrated and affirmed.

2. Community does not build itself. If we don’t support our own community, who will?

3. You’ll be supporting dope talent. Over 20 models, photographers, artistic directors and designers will come together for the calendar’s production.

4. You partied with them. If you were one of the over 500 people to pay $10 to get into their Brooklyn Pride Party at Southpaw, donating $5 (for a reward!) should be easier than forking over what you did to the bartender.

5. You were going to buy a calendar any way. It’s really simple. If you pledge $10 (or more) now, you’ll receive their first ever limited edition calendar. So you’re helping fund the production of something you’re going to receive as a reward for your donation. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Contribute now! There’s only six days left…

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