UPDATE: The Advocate is reporting that it has confirmed with a friend of the victim that Edwards identified as a gay man and “likely participated in drag.” “The first photo released to media of the victim wearing a women’s wig may have contributed to the belief that he identified as trans,” the site says. ELIXHER, however, is continuing to receive reports from community members that suggest otherwise. We will update our readers when we can confirm details further

UPDATE: We’re receiving conflicting reports that the victim identified as a gay man. ELIXHER is continuing to corroborate these reports with community members and outlets with connections on the ground in Louisville. Please check back for updates.

Just as we posted about the murder of our trans sister Ty Underwood, we learned that yet another Black transgender woman has been killed this month. TransGriot reports that Ms. Edwards was found shot to death at the Fern Valley Motel in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday, January 9. Media outlets have been misgendering the victim and ELIXHER will update this story as soon as we confirm her full chosen name. We will also add an appropriate photo.

After LMPD was called to the scene, the victim was transported to a local hospital where she was declared dead upon arrival — suffering a single gunshot wound to the chest.

The suspect wanted in connection with the shooting death, 20-year-old Henry Richard Gleaves, is now in police custody and charged with murder.

The lives of Black trans women Ty Underwood of North Tyler, Texas, and Lamia Beard of Norfolk, Virginia, were also tragically lost this year. #AllBlackLivesMatter

*Featured photo source: fleekology.tumblr.com

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