With the temps skyrocketing, there’s no need to compromise your daily workout routine. Fitness guru, Aja Davis, has the solution to your warm weather woes!

You asked…

Is there a way to enjoy the outdoors without being uncomfortable during the warmer months?

Aja answered…

The best way to enjoy the outdoors is to be prepared. Make sure you wear the right workout clothing. I like materials that wick away sweat and keep me dry. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. And of course make sure not to overdo it. If you’re not used to working out outdoors in the heat, start off slow and work your way to a more intense workout. What you can do in an air conditioned gym may not be the same as what you can do on a 95 degree day with 100% humidity in the sun.

Aja Davis is a personal trainer and owns New Body Boot Camp & Wellness, Brooklyn’s premier fitness boot camp and personal training studio. Located at 552 Union St., Brooklyn, NY 11215.  For more information visit newbodybootcampnyc.com or call 888.502.0331 to schedule an appointment.


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