Spring’s here! So grab your laptop, a good book or a friend and check out some of the borough’s most Black queer-friendly cafes.*

ELIXHER recommends… Pillow Café Lounge

What you’ll find… Cozy vibe and friendly staff. Plus, free WiFi. Don’t leave without trying the ginger tea! (Other perks: outdoor seating and full bar.)

Where you’ll find it… 505 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205

ELIXHER recommends… Outpost Café

What you’ll find… Good coffee. Good music. Enough said. The quaint outdoor garden and seating is a definite bonus. (Other perks: they accept credit cards.)

Where you’ll find it… 1014 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11238

ELIXHER recommends… Ms. Dahlia’s

What you’ll find: Pastries that are to die for and can’t-miss daily specials. (Other perks: charming interior, free WiFi and they accept credit cards. Doesn’t get better than that. )

Where you’ll find it: 449 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216

*Spots were selected based on: 1) Whether they are queer-owned, Black-owned or both! 2) Whether they are frequented by brown and Black queer folks. 3) Whether brown and Black queer folks feel welcomed.

What are your favorite local coffee shops?!

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