bklyn boihood, a collective that creates visibility and builds community within masculine of center bois, lesbians, queers, trans-identified, studs, doms, butches and AGs of color through online media, events, workshops and collaborative projects, is producing their 2012 calendar. They need your help! Here’s what you can expect from this year’s calendar and why it’s so important.

ELIXHER: What made you decide to do a calendar again this year?
RYANN: The calendar got so much love and was so far reaching last year! We distributed calendars all over the States, to Canada, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil and more. We were really inspired by the depth and diversity of the brown bois all over the world that felt affirmed by seeing the calendar everyday on their wall. Especially folks in parts of the world where folks are so oppressed they are faced with extreme danger on the daily for being masculine of center. It all really speaks to the need of doing projects like this.

ELIXHER: Have you selected the models for this calendar? What was your criteria and what can we expect from this year’s group of bois?
RYANN: At this point we’ve selected over half of the models. This year you will get to meet some really incredible brown bois! We select folks that are courageous enough to share their unique experiences with the world. The bois we select are clearly connected with the purpose of the calendar and uphold accountability to themselves and the community. We also check for folks that have a unique style/swag, confidence, and a fresh aesthetic.

RYANN: What’s going to make the next calendar different from the last?
MO: First of all, 12 months makes all the difference in the world. Sebastian‘s pic cracks me up from the calendar last year; he looks like a grown ass man now. Really, BBH has matured a bit, our vision has matured, our artistry has matured so I think that will create a shift. Obviously we’ll have new models, new artists on deck, new spots to take photos, fresh vision. It’s going to be dope.

ELIXHER: What’s your response to people who call the calendar “narcissistic?”
MO: I think the idea that bois getting together and artistically making a mark using beauty/sexiness/handsomeness can be met with raised eyebrows. It must be because we’re vain, because we’re shallow etcetera etcetera—really it’s because there is no place—well, very few places in my life where I can consistently go to see representations of my identity being exalted and given respect and love. There is a need for this. This calendar is for bois to stand up a little taller. For our community to have something to hold and see.

ELIXHER: You’re raising $3,000 for the calendar. What’s the money for?
GENESIS: The money is for the sophomore release of the bklyn boihood calendar. The money will be used for hair/makeup/wardrobe needs, food for the set, equipment, location rentals, and printing. Most importantly, the donations will help us to sustain ourselves and our production team monetarily during this project. The first calendar was initially funded by Ryann and I “maxing” out our credit cards!  With the support from our fam’ we can make the bklyn boihood calendar even better than the first one.

YOU can donate by contributing to our Kickstarter! It closes on July 19th! If we don’t hit our goal of $3,000
we don’t get funded at all. So make a donation today!

ELIXHER: When will the calendar be available for purchase?
GENESIS: You can actually pre-order the calendar now on our Kickstarter by contributing $25. The calendar has a soft release date in September but will be available online at bklynboihood.com in October 2011.

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