When Liz and Nadia Harris got hitched in Connecticut almost five years ago, the wife-and-wife duo immediately started trying to conceive. But nine attempts later, they still had no babies. It wasn’t until they moved to New Orleans and worked with fertility doctors there that their dreams of being mothers became a reality — five times over!

“The nurse called and said, ‘you’re very pregnant,'” Nadia shared with a local news station. “I thought maybe twins because twins run in my family, but then the following week we went in and found out that there were five babies. I was numb at first. Honestly, I wasn’t happy. I thought, ‘What are we going to do with five kids?’”

The initial shock wore off and now the moms couldn’t be more thrilled about what they call a blessing.

In October their quintuplets were born. Four baby boys:  Dawson, Maxwell, Micah, and Joseph. And one baby girl: Elizabeth. They’re currently gearing up for their first Christmas.

We wish the beautiful family a happy holiday and big congrats on their bundles of joy!

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