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ELIXHER | October 7, 2015

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BREAKING: Black Lesbian Couple Found Dead in Galveston County, Texas

BREAKING: Black Lesbian Couple Found Dead in Galveston County, Texas
Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby (Source: ABC)

Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby (Source: ABC)

UPDATE: Father of Victim Arrested for Tampering with Evidence in Texas Lesbian Couple Case 

UPDATE: Britney Cosby’s Aunt Launches Fundraiser for Burial

UPDATE: Details Emerge in Murder of Black Lesbian Texas Couple 

UPDATE: Suspect Sketch Released in Murder of Texas Lesbian Couple

The bodies of two Houston women, a lesbian couple, were discovered near a dumpster in Galveston County, Texas. Crystal Jackson and her girlfriend Britney Cosby, both 24, had been together for two years and lived together. Their bodies were found Friday morning next to a convenience store dumpster, reports Houston’s ABC 13.

Relatives say the two women went to Galveston for Mardi Gras. Detectives believe they were killed elsewhere and their bodies moved. Reports also indicate that they were murdered in different ways. It’s currently unclear whether this was a hate crime or there was some other motive for the murder.

“That was her girlfriend, that was her soulmate,” James Randle, neighbor to Britney Cosby, told ABC.

Investigators are looking for a silver 2006 Kia Sorrento with paper tags–a car the couple recently purchased together. It is missing and whoever took it may be the same person who took their lives, reporters say.

Anyone with information regarding the victims’ deaths or the stolen vehicle is asked to call the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 866-248-8477.

ELIXHER will continue to follow this story closely and post updates as details develop.


  1. Peggy Bouterse

    Fight one brave souls

  2. krystal taylor

    Its sad to know the people you trust urself to be around can just hurt u and kill u and act so calm amongs your friends and family. This will be a case I will keep up with. Whether he did it becuz she was gay …which I think there is alot more to the killing… ONLY GOD can judge you and he had no right to end their lives

  3. TRamsey

    Just heard on the news that Britney Cosby I believe the girl in the front (picture above) father was arrested because his fingerprint was found at the scene of the crime & he couldn’t explain how it got there. Also they searched his house & found blood. I feel for the families of both girls & my prayers go out to them. Police are saying he may gave done it because he didn’t like the fact that his daughter was gay. Britney’s mom quoted that statement

  4. Callis

    I just read this on autostraddle!
    I’m trying not to jump to conclusions, but this news just makes me weep. The Jackson & Crosby families, along with the LGBTQ community, needs some definite closure on this case!

  5. shalamar

    First off I want to thank everyone for the comment that were left Brittany Crosby is my cousin and the family and I want you guys to keep us in your prayers and to any body who feels down about this situation keep your head up to because people have the right to chose who to love with it be I no a man with man or woman with woman thank you

    • Nikiya moore

      I just want to give the two family’s my prayers. Im married to a woman and this hurts to hear this and cant get over this.God bless you all.

    • Hello. My name is Shay. This comment is for Shalamar. Cosby’s cousin. I am also a 24 year old lesbian who my gf is 32 and we’ve been together for 4 years. Hearing about these two beautiful woman stuns me forever! You can’t trust anybody in this World and it saddens me to hear about their lives getting cut short for the DEVIL himself for judging them and killing them! If it was up to me I would kill him myself but that wouldn’t make me any better. I know they are at peace with the LORD now and may GOD bless you and your families… I read about the article of Britney Cosby’s dad being convicted of killing them just because he didn’t like who his daughter was!! What a fuckn BITCH!! I hope he gets his in PRISON!! This is the website of where I saw the article.

    • Katrina willoughby

      Hello im a 35 yr. old lesbian. my prayers are with the family. i cant imagine the pain or unanswered questions tht the family may be dealing with but take comfort in knowing that they are both in a better place. this situation is so tragic and very heart felt but even in this situation God’s justice will prevail. he is the only judge. people need to show love & cmpassion because GOD is love anything outside of that is not GOD. people should be able to live the the way they choose cause at the end of the day we all have to stand in line to be judged. LGBT community continue to be an example support & love each other..

  6. texasgirl

    If you would like to help there is a burial fund started for Brittany on

  7. Debbie Holick

    Freaking ridiculous….i was there, i wish i could have been there where they were to help…..yes we need you quintom x..Where you at….rest in peace…both of you…..

  8. Nycole Brooks

    My gf and I were in such disbelief after reading this article. No one deserves that! My heart goes out to the families and friends affected. I couldnt imagine being with my lover knowing our lives would quickly, be over due to someone elses opinion of OUR love for one another. (hate) People can be bass ackwards….You wont vote or take steps to support things that actually affect you yet, you will take lives from people that have nothing to do with you (hate) MY PRAYERS GO OUT. We are in locomotion of reverse…

  9. Frank Marasco, Jr

    As always we tend to jump to conclusions when the details are not fully known. I for one have been to the “The Island” as locals call it many times and there is not a more accepting and embracing community than Galvestonians. Something is terribly remiss in the information reported to this point here. My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones and the two young ladies but there is still more forensic work to be done before we can understand all the variables at work. May we be more tolerant, patient and organized before going off half-informed and do damage in a vigilante style.

  10. Bridget

    Two lives were tragically cut short. Being Queer myself, the fact that they were murdered enrages and saddens me greatly. Praying for these two beautiful young women and their families. God has gained two beautiful angels this week. May these ladies get the justice they deserve. Rest In Peace Chrystal and Britney, I’m sure they are greatly missed.

  11. Two women are dead, murdered. They’re Black and lesbians so the assumption of a hate crime is an easy to conclude.
    Y’all are arguing with each other about what kind of crime is was, it was a murder. Ridiculous.
    When all the facts are in and someone is taken to trial that’s when it becomes important to identify as a “hate crime”or not, for sentencing purposes.
    Murder is a crime, but it’s Texas so lets wait and see. If it was Florida someone could claim “stand your ground”.

  12. Prettypantha

    This a sad case scenario of two beautiful young women who lives were taken at a short and abrupt time. The world is full of jealous hearted people who feel as though they have the right to strip you of life due to pyschological issues, whether the motive was for hate, carjacking, robbery or sexuality, etc. May the person or persons that committed this henious crime be bring to justice ,and may these young ladies souls rest peacefully throughout eternity, and may their families find comfort and solidarity through this unexpected circumstamces. RIP Lesbian Lovers!!!

  13. Ladies and Gents. I agree the Black GLBT needs to work more closely together.
    No one knows how this happen or why this happen.
    But there is one thing I do know. I was born in Houston, Texas and I know how prejudice they are down there. There are countless reasons why this brutal crime took place. Right now we need to focus and pray for one another. Do what you can to help put them bit$@s to justice. The only time people of color in the GLBT community get together is when Pride is going on. I live in Minnesota now but here a gathering only happens when Pride events take place. Don’t wait til Pride comes. Find out if you have a Black Gay and Lesbian organization there in Houston, Texas. If there is not a Black GLBT Organization, then develop one. Yes talking and communicating helps. But sometimes action speaks louder than words.

  14. Jae cruz

    Just the thought of two young women where killed makes me mad… dont matter if there where lesbian black chinese spanish or white .. They are human and whoever did this will go down …

  15. Shane

    I personally don’t think this is a hate crime… But we in the gay and black communities need to come together and help get them justice. This shouldn’t be happening, they didn’t need this kind of an end.

    I have a younger sister their age and I am afraid for her.

    • ann

      Shane why would say this is not a hate crime… just curious

      • marilyn

        Ann, because there is no evidence to say that these women were targeted due to their sexuality. It’s a heinous crime no less, and two beautiful lives cut far too soon but I guess I’m also not seeing how this is a hate crime.

        They could have just as easily been targeted for a myriad of other reasons.

      • ann

        Shane, it’s just hard for me to imagine why anyone who kills two women that it is not a hate crime… from my point of view, whether it was because of their sexuality, their race, their gender, or any other reason I can imagine, killing and dumping bodies involves a great deal of rage, anger, judgement, whatever and those to me are all expressions of hate… one does not have to dress in a nazi uniform or a KKK sheet to be under the influence hate… and whether it is hate of oneself that turns outward to another or hate of the other, hate is hate… And if it turns out to be two drunk under age teenagers venting hormones, it’s still a reflection of a societal hate that has become so acceptable and pervasive that the persons can no longer recognize the hate or the imagined reasons they deserved it. I acknowledge I don’t know details that might have been covered in the local press and so I was asking… blessings and thanks for responding…

    • david

      lets just see what happened before assuming and guessing that’s how things rumor & get labeled wrong.. #justsaying

  16. sapphire Monroe

    You guys regardless of what happened these innocent people are gone and their families will never get too see them again so whoever did this will pay trust and believe justice is not too far…R.I.P GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN

  17. El

    This is a sad situation and God has the final say but the suspect is the devil and he was in somebody head which allowed them to carry out such an hateful crime so we as Christians must pray for all affected and let The Lord handle it.. These young ladies are beautiful and will be greatly missed but there where blessed to experience love and we should uplift there lives and not worry because if they confessed that Jesus is there lord and savior their already saved

  18. RIP

  19. CARICE


  20. kita

    This pisses me off to the max as I am a lesbian and are constantly harassed by my gf ex so this hurts me to read.Hate is strong and for what these are human beings OBVIOUSLY whoever did this is not a human being and needs to be destroyed I wouldn’t put it past being a black male which is also sad to say even though true enough hate is in every race.

    • Shontymoe

      Black males are out to get lesbians? I did not get that headline…. Really come on! This is a tragedy enough with the hate.

      • sapphire Monroe

        Its sad but true because when a real lesbian woman is in love with another lesbian woman it belittles the man and makes him feel less of a male and more of a wimp so it isn’t over yet theirs more wimps out there.

    • RSim6100

      Kita, you are better than me. An ex of my partner harassing me? I’d break off my relationship and find someone minus that kind of drama.

  21. Andrea Conver

    Hopefully this wasn’t a hate crime, though it’s still sad that this couple’s lives has ended. Either way, it’s still sad to see, BCuz whatever the reason really is- it’s probably not a good. Remember the report says its too early to tell if this is a hate crime.

  22. Tia

    Wow! Things like this seem so unreal

  23. meka

    I hope dey find diz stupid axx MF..doz girls didn’t deserve to die…I’m praying fa dere family.. R.I.P angels…

    • Realist

      Would it kill you to learn how to spell properly.

      • ELIXHER

        We understand that folks are feeling a lot of pain, anger, frustration and fear in light of this incident. But please leave the personal attacks off this site. Thank you.

      • RSim6100

        I agree.

  24. Callis

    Unbelievable! What sick individual would do this! Probably some guy with very low self esteem and anger issues, who felt his “manhood” threatened. I hope they catch this person and he gets the death penalty! RIP. My condolences to the families.

  25. I hope all the facts come out about this case…i hope it was not a hate related crime…i hope that justice is served…and i hope the police dont do a half ass job of tryin to uncover the truth just because they are gay or Black…

  26. Regina M. Williams

    My prayers to both of their families. I pray they find the evil cruel person or persons who did this.

  27. May God give they’re family what they need to carry on the rest of they’re life’s without those two beautiful souls. God look after all those that need you right now. LGBT we only want to be happy. I pray for the sick ones too they need it too!!!!!

  28. This is sad that something so drastic had happened to this awesome couple who would do such a thing my deepest condolences goes out to both family’s smh stop the violence an let people live an luv how they want im a lesbian an i luv my wife but to take a life over it is just wrong R.I.P justice will be served

  29. Praying for thier families and them for justice sad that someone took thier lives..

  30. Cylon

    So this is what it boils down to? Two young women murdered over being who they were: people. This world is a sick place for the hatred that comes from the hearts of the vast majority of its inhabitants. These two women did not deserve to die like this. Neither did Eudy Simelane, nor anyone else of color nor whether they are LBGTQ or not.

    And I pray the police do not screw up the investigation into finding the suspects, yes suspects. I say suspects plural because I have a strong feeling that there were more than just one person who did this.

    Just like Alfred Wright, and Trayvon Martin, Brittany and Crystal should still be alive right now.

    I hope they find the sexist close minded bastards and make them pay for what they have done.

    May God carry their souls the eternal Universe and the Heavens beyond.

  31. KAKES Johnson

    I don’t think it has anything to do with their lifestyle. I think it’s much more than that. How many gay ppl u know, that lives in the same city and state? It’s unclear of why… but my they rest in peace. I hope whomever done this be caught. No one deserves to be beat to death.

  32. This is truly a tragedy. Violence is not acceptable. The USA is a free country and everyone should be allowed to live and walk in their truth. So glad to know that they had found their soulmates and true love. I’m saddened to know that it ended so soon at the hands of a violent hanneous crime. God is a God of love and hope. It is my sincere hope that we will one day live in harmony and unison in our communities as our creator envisioned. My prayers are with both families and may God receive the spirits of these two beautiful ladies.

  33. Aaron Campbell

    I’m truly sorry for the losses of these 2 beautiful women. God bless there loved ones at a crucial time.I pray there death does not go unsolved

  34. Rachel

    I cannot believe this.. They were such a beautiful couple that didn’t deserve there lives being ended. I pray for their family’s sorrow. And hope they live a happy life in Heaven.

  35. Sedrick Lewis

    Wow this is horrible two precious souls gone im praying for tha families P.S.A it dosent matter what race tha person was that did this these girls didnt deserve that R. I. P angels

  36. Is there anyone going to the memorial for these women who would like to also share this story with the LGBT world? This is OUTrageous!!! SWEET TV! is looking for someone who can be there on the scene the day of the event and speak to people or just silently observe. This is a story that should be shown around the world. We just need your assistance in getting it out! Email for details.

  37. :(

  38. When I first read this story, I started to shake. Pain embraced the depth my heart. Then anger overwhelmed me. I hope and I will pray this case and who did it will come to light. Justice will reveal!

  39. Brandy Thomas

    As a heterosexual Christian woman, I don’t stand in judgment of these young ladies. My prayers are for their families because only God can give them comfort. Whether they were gay or not, the only things they deserved were to be happy and left alone. God will definitely punish those who killed these beautiful ladies. If any of their family members read this, just know that God will make those that harmed them suffer.

  40. moe

    It’s so sad. They were such a beautiful couple. I hope they find their killer. R.I.P.

  41. Santana Jackson

    It’s sad but who every did it I hope they get them R.I.P and my prayes go out to both of there families and there Daughter alse.

  42. J. Simmons

    Why does it have to be a hate crime? It’s possible that they were robbed and killed and their sexuality had nothing to do with it.

  43. Bittany Tims


  44. This story is breaking my heart. Such a beautiful couple. Praying for their families and hoping they find the person who did this soon.

    • Marcia

      This is so sad!

  45. Shanté

    Woww!! What’s wrong with these people.. just let the people live regardless of the way you feel about someone’s lifestyle.. We’re all human! I hope they find the sick individual! Rip!

  46. Dreaa Williams

    Wooooowww . This beautiful couple NEEDS justice !! R.i.p … Ill be praying for their familes

  47. Toni

    this is crazy because now it’s scaring me due to the face I’m a lesbian & is currently in a relationship goin on a year smh this sad

    • felicia

      I’m also a lesbian in a biracial relationship 4years n I’m scared for us to leave out The house smh rest in paradise angels

  48. Nanette

    I hope it wasn’t a sick homophobic Black male.

    • Nolovelost

      All races had homophobes in them

      • Paul

        And all races have heterophobes as well.

      • skylar

        No mostly the African male culture who are homophobic,

    • anon

      What makes you think it wasn’t a white boy?

    • maria

      Why shud it have a been a black male…sheesh

    • Luna

      I can almost guarantee you the murderers were white.

    • David

      Cause it’s ok if it was a sick homophobic indian male.

    • why couldn’t it be a female a jealous female that had a previous relationship with one or the both

  49. I’m sorry for your loss :’(

  50. It’s a shame what people would do, rather if it was a hate crime or not. To people who were each other’s soulmates gone. Both families have my deepest sympathy.

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