As if we needed another reason to be smitten by Brittney Griner, the basketball superstar recently opened up to ELLE magazine about her impeccable style, homophobia in sports, and being bullied as a child. While some of us love a good red lip and fierce pair of heels, we can appreciate Griner’s candor when it comes to embracing her gender expression:

She retreats into the tiny bathroom to change from her low-slung jeans and Nike T-shirt—the company has signed her to model its menswear, the first time a woman has had that gig—into her suit for Conan. Once the stylist has fussed over her, including rolling her pants cuffs to just the right height, lest they hike up if she crosses her legs—“I never cross my legs,” Griner assures her—Kagawa Colas calls her over for a quick makeup session. “See, it looks like nothing,” she says as she puts the slightest smudge of foundation and undereye concealer on Griner’s smooth, flawless skin.

At the WNBA’s rookie orientation, Griner says she declined to participate in a session about makeup application and how to dress. “I don’t need that shit,” she says without rancor, adding that the only lecture she appreciated was one on 401(k)s. (Yes, new WNBA players are taught how to apply makeup while NBA rookies learn to beware of gold-digger groupies who might prick tiny holes in condoms.) Now, peering at herself in the makeup mirror, Griner approves of her agent’s handiwork. “Looks like nothing,” she agrees.

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  1. Amy

    I love this article and in comments, would love the link to being able to access the “queer to the corps” book on Nov 10. Will that be avail on amazon? I’d love to share it further and looks like an amazing read. This WNBA player is smart and is right that she doesn’t need that shit. She’s amazing all around, in visual beauty and in life. I hope she sticks to her guns on this position.


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