PO(P)LITICS: In Defense of Rachel Jeantel

ELIXHER columnist AJ Farrar argues that despite the media victories, Zimmerman lawyers have failed to demonstrably impress or intimidate the women that matter most to the case itself--the court’s judge, jury, and most dramatically, its key witness: Rachel Jeantel.

‘F R E E’ to Premiere at Queer Arts Festival

F R E E will be an evening of discussion and reflection nurtured through a series of collaborative performances by a diverse lineup of queer entertainers, that will both honor the ancestors and shed light on the transformative journeys to come. The festivities are set to commence at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at the African American Art & Culture Complex (AAACC) in San Francisco, CA.

The Combahee Pilgrimage to Commence in South Carolina, in Celebration of Black Liberation

From the radically transgressive queer minds that brought you Mobile Homecoming and The Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind spawns the Combahee Pilgrimage, a 4-day creative, spiritual, and affirming rendezvous for self-identified queer, LGBTQ or queer-affirming Black people in commemoration of Harriet Tubman and 750 enslaved Africans' successful self-liberation at Combahee River.

We Did It! Thanks to You

“ELIXHER Magazine serves as an innovative platform for content that is reflective of our truths and lived experiences,” says Kimberley McLeod, ELIXHER founder and editor-in-chief. “Thanks to the support of our community, through an aggressive and successful fundraising campaign, ELIXHER Magazine is now a reality—I couldn’t be more grateful and excited.”