When We Adopt

What have been your adoption experiences? What was the biggest challenge you faced and lesson you learned?

In the Spirit of Community-Building

In the spirit of community-building, ELIXHER will be launching a monthly column featuring Black queer fundraising projects. We're asking our readers to put aside just $20 a month to re-invest in our community.

Calling All Bois!

In 2010, bklyn boihood produced an iconic calendar that celebrated the unique beauty of queer studs/ags/butches/doms/masculine of center of color through a production that took over 100 volunteers, photographer...
Photo by Charla Harlow (


And thank you for joining me on this journey. ELIXHER was created out of a void I witnessed both personally and professionally. As a Black queer woman and journalist, I noticed the lack of images and stories that spoke to my community and my experience. We...