AV Club: Tangerine’s All-iPhone Cinematography is No Cheap Gimmick

It is a clear and regrettable fact that no major studio in the year 2015 would be willing to write a check for a picture about two black transgender prostitutes screeching around L.A. in search of a wayward pimp. Tapping the iPhone for the photography of the film did a lot to return power to the people, and made it possible to tell a story that never could have otherwise survived.

B.Steady’s “Vow of Silence” Premieres in NYC

Washington, D.C.-based queer pop artist and filmmaker Be Steadwell makes her way to New York City to premiere her film, "Vow of Silence," at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture on Tuesday, March 3. There's still time to register for the premiere -- and it's free!