Scandal: Why I Kinda Love It, Why I Kinda Hate It

As a queer black femme nerd radical type, there are things about this show that bug the fuck out of me. There are other things that I quite enjoy. To sort some of it out, for myself and for you, I’ve compiled this list.

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MTV’s Catfish Show Tackles Fake Online Profiles, Villainizes Transgender Women: #Fail

Writer and trans activist Janet Mock weighs in on MTV’s Catfish and its problematic depiction of trans women: “So far, trans people have been discussed in two episodes of Catfish, a show that mainly covers ‘deception’ in online relationships. This is dangerous territory when covering the lives of trans people because often we’re dangerously dismissed and accused of ‘deceiving’ people in relationships, and this framing of our lives leads many people to think that the violence trans women specifically face in relationships is justified because we weren’t forthcoming about our gender identity. This is a dangerous and harmful framework that Catfish is flirting with.”

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Op-ed: The Lesbian Pap Phobia

So when a friend of mine, a lesbian-about-town everyone knows and loves, asked, “Can you help me with my Pap smear?” I joked that technically, no, that’s above my pay grade. But I soon realized she really needed help. She’s 46 and she’d never had an annual exam, a Pap, any exam whatsoever that involved her genitals. I realized that she was terrified. Embarrassed. She’d learned early to be suspicious of doctors; they never quite respected her queerness. Looking back, it was one of those moments when, for me, the data and research about stigma and health disparities that queer people face came to life.

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How Not To Be a Dick To Your Black Friend 

Why do I even have to fucking write this? Oh yeah, because frankly, white people — Can I call you white people? We’re all post racial friends here aren’t we? — sometimes you’re dicks to your black friend.

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WATCH: Kerry Washington in the 2013 Hollywood Portfolio

The Scandal star talks James Baldwin and Lorraine Hansberry, two Black queer authors that inspire her. Just when we thought our crush on Kerry couldn’t get any bigger…

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