We’ve received sad news that Black trans ballroom star, actress, and model Bianca Baxter aka “Barbie Mizrahi” died Sunday, December 21. ELIXHER was unable to confirm the cause of her death.

Baxter was the Mother of The Legendary House of Mizrahi. The ball community often serves as haven and surrogate family for many LGBTQ young people whose orientation and identity result in family rejection and homelessness. According to friends and family who are seeking to raise funds for her funeral, Baxter was no exception.

“Bianca lived a life of community involvement, self-improvement and service,” reads the GoFundMe page. “Always having time to share a laugh or lend a shoulder or ear. So full of exuberant life that her sudden death has taken her family and community aback.” You can contribute to her homegoing service costs here.

“There’s something about giving back to the community that you come from that makes you feel so at peace with yourself,” Baxter shared in an interview with the 2012 North Carolina Awards Ball, a fashion show and competition.

Rest in Power, Bianca.

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