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Welcome to the new ELIXHER!

We are emerging out of our hiatus feeling more inspired than ever. Over the last several months, the team has taken the time to meet with community members, survey our supporters, and do a deep dive into fortifying the foundation we’ve been building since 2011. Your eager emails and inquiries have definitely fueled us during this important time. We thank you for sticking with us. We thank you for reaffirming why we exist—and why we’re here to stay.

My introduction to ELIXHER began when I could barely identify the road I was traveling in life. I had just come out to my Jamaican family and was navigating how to show up at our Thanksgiving dinner table without the facade of boyfriends and veil of heteronormativity that kept them comfortable. I felt safest in the space ELIXHER created for Black queer and trans women and non-binary people to share the love, information, and news that was relevant and foremost to our daily lives. I decided to take my newfound sense of self and pour my anxiety into an open letter for those who might have also craved the affirmation I was dire need of… and then I just kept on writing.

A year later, I’m penning this letter as a more wholesome being, affirmed and affected constantly by a community of phenomenal folks living loudly and authentically, on purpose. I would be remissed not to thank Kimberley McLeod for noticing a spark that I couldn’t yet recognize and surrounding me with support and guidance. It is with the greatest honor and commitment to her founding vision that I take on the role as Content and Community Manager, where I will serve as your ambassador, ensuring your interests and concerns are reflected in our content and convenings.

With a fresh approach and creative direction, our goal is to serve as a central hub for information and connectivity. While we’re continuing our commitment to powerful storytelling, we’re taking a more intentional approach to capturing our community more fully—from bi and trans women to non-binary and masculine of center people to youth and older adults.

Our new Content Collaborator portal is ushering in a unique set of perspectives. We’re arming citizen journalists—people like you with a story or an opinion—with a platform to wield your voices as weapons against erasure and systemic oppression. We’ll also be aggregating some of the web’s most compelling content and taking you directly to the source, so you don’t have to search for the stories that matter to you the most. Finally, we’ve launched an exciting forum called The Feed, a safe space for Black trans and queer women and non-binary people to ask questions, vent, and connect. And we’re just getting started.

Over the next year, we’ll be rolling out more exciting features and strengthening staples, like The ELIXHER Index for businesses owned by Black trans and queer women and non-binary people. Stay tuned, spring 2016, for the relaunch of ELIXHER Magazine, which we’ll debut at the Black Lesbian Conference, March 25-26, at Barnard College.

I truly look forward to our journey of affirmation and collaboration moving into this new chapter. I can’t wait to read and share all of the brilliance and badass our community has to offer.

In community,
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