Woman Receiving FlowersFor Valentine’s Day, ELIXHER is excited to team up with PassionRoses, fresh flowers from the fields of Colombia, hand-picked by the farmers, and flown overnight to the U.S.

We’re asking our readers to tweet, Facebook, Instagram or comment with their personal twist to the classic love poem, “Roses Are Red,” for a chance to win 24 stunning stems of roses!

Whether your take is romantic, a call to action, or absurd, tag ELIXHER in your rendition and use the hashtag #PassionRoses. We’ll be reposting your poems and one lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive the prize, just in time for Saturday, February 14. The contest will run through Wednesday, February 11, so get your creative juices going!

Plus, all ELIXHER readers are eligible for 15% off their PassionRoses orders. Enter the discount code ROSE4LOVE at PassionRoses.com to get a deal on a beautiful bouquet for a special someone…or keep these breathtaking blossoms all to yourself!

PassionRoses Code ROSE4LOVE

Here’s #TeamELIXHER’s take on the popular poem:

Roses are red,
Black queer and trans love is revolutionary.
Our self-love is pretty radical too,
ELIXHER honors all three — and we celebrate you.

Tell us your version in the comments or on social media! Be sure to tag ELIXHER and use the hashtag #PassionRoses. We’ll randomly select and announce a winner on Wednesday, February 11.

17 Responses

  1. TeeJay

    Roses are red,
    My bank balance has me blue,
    I need to win these flowers,
    To send to my boo.


  2. Ashley

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    True love is rare,
    Which makes us the perfect pair

  3. TeeJay

    Red lips, rose tinged tips of tongues met and danced, as violet rays of passion hues infused the air dispelling myths of queer love causing Lady to perpetually sing the blues. Following clues left like rose petal trails, we trip lightly down delicate paths of spun sugar, sweet with the promise of not me and you… But us. #PassionRoses #Deconstructed

  4. TeeJay

    Red violets, blue roses, red go lights, stop green. Her touch leaves me addled, no sense can I glean. #PassionRoses #NikkiGInspired

  5. TeeJay

    blushed rose red bowed lips
    kiss love’s fragile nature as
    Violet sings the blues

    #PassionRoses #Haiku

  6. TeeJay

    Red roses, blue violets, prose well known of love, sweet sighs and kissed eyelids, this gift from above #PassionRoses

  7. TeeJay

    Roses are red, her eyes brown and green, J’aime son beau sourire, it frequents my dreams #PassionRoses

  8. HS

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    There’s no better sound
    Than your lover whispering ‘I love you’



    Thanks for entering our giveaway! We’re loving your submissions. Keep them coming!

  10. nicole dz

    Roses Are Red,
    Our fire & passion equals it too,
    our love grows where many can’t bloom,
    so strong,
    we would grow from a dune,
    and even on the moon.

  11. Maesha Jenkins

    A little different, but here I go :)


    Our bodies are wrapped in Transparency,
    But you can’t see inside of our hearts,
    Look inside my mind — it tells ALL,
    And that’s a lot more than my parts.

  12. Chere R. Hampton

    Roses are red.
    Loving our Black queerness is long overdue.
    It’s time to embrace our beauty.
    Let us face the sun and bloom.


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