In’s “Mommy Talk” column, a series of interviews between ESSENCE’s own ChicBusyMom and everyday mothers doing extraordinary things, readers get to meet Donyell Thompson, an attorney who is raising her adorable son along with her wife, Krista. Here’s a snippet from the interview. Get the full feature over at Kudos, ESSENCE! Keep it up.

donyell-and-krista-0_400x295_17CHIC BUSY MOM: What do you both do for a living?

DONYELL THOMPSON: Krista is a Special Education Preschool Teacher. I am an Attorney.

CHIC BUSY MOM: How many children do you have?

DONYELL THOMPSON: We have one son, who is a year old. We expect to expand our family within the next year or so.

CHIC BUSY MOM: Can you share how you decided to have children (gave birth, adopted, had a surrogacy or another option)?

DONYELL THOMPSON: Both Krista and I were raised in a traditional two-parent household with siblings. When we decided to get married, we both knew that our family would include children since we both loved children and could not imagine our life without any.

CHIC BUSY MOM: If one of you gave birth, how did you decide which one of you would carry the baby?

donyell-and-krista-3_400x295_81_0DONYELL THOMPSON: Both Krista and I wanted to experience pregnancy and childbirth so we both decided that we would each carry a child. Because I was 39 when we got married, the decision was quickly made that I would try to conceive first with the understanding that I would try for one year utilizing whatever medical intervention was necessary to conceive and if I was unsuccessful Krista would carry both of our children. Because of my age, we decided to seek the assistance of a fertility clinic. We both wanted to make sure that my reproductive organs were in working order prior to spending a significant amount of money on sperm to only later discover that I was unable to conceive. I underwent all of the necessary fertility tests to determine if I was able to conceive a child. Once all the tests came back affirmative, we chose a sperm donor. We decided on an anonymous donor because we did not want any legal conflicts when Krista went to adopt our child. My journey to conceive was a long and difficult journey but after 12 months I conceived our son. We intend to use the same sperm donor to conceive our next child so our kids would be biologically related to each other.

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