Emerging luxury handbag line V V Patchouli recently granted ELIXHER behind-the-scenes access to their fashion shoot in New York City.

Surrounded by lead photographer DeAndre Dacosta, makeup artist/hairstylist Phoenix, and stunning models as muses, the set was filled with masters of their craft. Out designer V.V. Patchouli and her team took an abstract and visionary approach with the creative direction and meshed it seamlessly to accompany their highly crafted leather bags.

Photo by Geoffrey Marshall

Photo by Geoffrey Marshall

“The V V Patchouli brand caters to a high street aesthetic,” she told ELIXHER. “We like to combine refinement with edge, innovation, and the unexpected.”

It is said that the brand emerged at a time of chaos in V.V.’s life. It gave way to creating something tangible and timeless. The brand signifies the beautiful transformation from chaos to symmetry.

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Styled by Jason Williams, the V V Patchouli shoot featured the brand’s black leather holster bag, a black leather clutch set in a chinchilla bottom, and a leather backpack lined in cobalt blue — just to name a few. Jewelry was provided by Pieces NY and headwear by Tavia Sanza. Clothing items were collaborated with designer Ev Bessar. To put the icing on the cake, out eyewear designer Breezy, from the twin design duo Coco and Breezy, graced the set for some added support (the talented pair were featured in ELIXHER Magazine‘s Spring/Summer 2014 Issue).

Photo by DeAndre DaCosta

Photo by DeAndre DaCosta

For information on how to purchase V V Patchouli, subscribe to the VVP mailing list for updates, product releases, and launch dates. Select items are currently available at Camille Cesari Loveprint, located at 128 Sussex Street, Jersey City, New Jersey, 201-280-2215. Pieces in the V V Patchouli collection range from $350 to $3,000.

*Featured Photo by Geoffrey Marshall

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