Who are ELIXHER Content Collaborators?
ELIXHER Content Collaborators are the eyes and ears of our community. This army of citizen journalists wield their voices and stories as weapons against erasure and systemic oppression. ELIXHER is their platform.

Communities cannot collectively be activated without feeling outrage. But how can people care if they are uninformed and unmoved? How can they feel compelled to fight for humanity if their humanity is not affirmed?

ELIXHER Content Collaborators are unabashed, opinionated, and witty. They have a unique point of view worthy and necessary of elevating.

What can I submit to ELIXHER?
Please submit original pieces about news, culture, politics, and commentary as it relates to the larger context of the Black queer and trans women and non-binary community and that critically examine relevant issues. We also welcome poetry, artwork, and video submissions. The content must be created by the submitter.

If you are submitting an interview for the InspiHERed By or Our Family series, please remember they are Q&A style interviews and you must also obtain images of the person or family (please include image credits with the submission, if possible).

Please include a short writer’s bio, a headshot (optional) and any links to your website/Twitter/Facebook/etc. that you’d like us to link back to with your submission.

Do I have to be Black and queer, trans, non-binary or a woman to submit to ELIXHER?
ELIXHER is a platform created for and by Black queer and trans women and non-binary people. We exist to elevate the stories of this community and amplify their voices. We strongly encourage people who belong to this community to submit their work. We welcome allies (straight and non-people of color) to read, share, and support this work.

Are Content Collaborators compensated?
No. ELIXHER is volunteer-run and submissions are volunteer submitted.

How long will it take for ELIXHER to review my submission?
Based on submission volume, it may take up to two weeks for the team to review your submission. If accepted, we will determine at our discretion when to publish your content. We advise potential ELIXHER Content Collaborators to wait two weeks before submitting content elsewhere to be published.

Can I submit content to ELIXHER that has been published on another blog?
Yes, if you have obtained permission from the blog for us to cross-post. Please note in your submission that the piece is being cross-posted and link to where it originally appeared.

How long can my submission be?
The minimum story length is 150 words (this is basically a blurb, appropriate for accompanying a series of photo or video). The maximum story length is 1,000 words.

Will my submission be edited?
Our editors will do light editing to address grammatical errors. If significant edits are needed, the submission will not be selected.

Will I be notified if my submission is accepted or not selected?
No. We will not contact you unless we need clarification about something you’ve written or unless we have selected your piece but plan to publish it 2 weeks later than your submission date.

Are profanity and nudity allowed in submissions?
Yes and yes.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please email us at info(at)elixher(dot).com.