Everything happens for a reason in the life of Frenchie Davis.

Ten years after getting disqualified from “American Idol” for her Internet porn past, she became a finalist on “The Voice,” sang with Christina Aguilera and releases her debut album later this year.

In an interview with Pride Source, she puts it all out there again: Davis addressed the stigma of being bisexual and black, how she doesn’t regret the “Idol” ordeal and why her upcoming album – and entire solo career – almost didn’t happen.

Before you came out publicly in a recent interview, how out were you in your own life?

I first told my mom that I was attracted to boys and girls when I was 16 years old. A lot of my friends and family weren’t really surprised to hear that I had “come out,” because all I did was answer a question honestly in an interview and it ended up becoming a headline.

I didn’t plan to come out. I fell in love with someone who I think I could be with forever, and I’m used to, in casual conversation, talking about my partner. That’s what ended up happening in the interview and what ended up being my coming out. It wasn’t something that I had planned. It wasn’t something I was being secretive about, either. I’ve performed at so many HRC and GLAAD events and gay Prides. And made out with so many girls in college! I don’t think it was a secret to anybody. (Laughs)

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