ELIXHER caught up with Alix B. Golden, the brains behind the blog A Brown Girl Gone Gay. Her writing has been featured on Mamba Girl and Project Q Atlanta. She has also been nominated for 3 Lezzy Awards from The Lesbian Lifestyle.

ELIXHER: Tell us a little about yourself.
ALIX: I was born a Carolina Girl, but I’ve matured into a Georgia Peach and I’m currently contemplating a role as a Texas Cowgirl. (Is that what they call girls in Texas?) I’m thirty something and I’ll leave it at that. There is a reason why I don’t have my birth year displayed on my Facebook page! Until writing starts to pay the bills, I happily support myself as a Product Expert for a web design and software development company. My job wouldn’t be as fun it was with a different company. I actually enjoy going into the office everyday.

ELIXHER: What inspired you to create A Brown Girl Gone Gay?
ALIX: This all happened accidentally. I had a personal blog that I had been forced to relocate. I was freshly single and my ex was very comfortable with reading my thoughts in my blog. I wanted to be free to write, minus the self-censorship. That’s how A Brown Girl Gone Gay came to be. When I chose the name of my blog, A Brown Girl Gone Gay, I wanted it to be easily recognized as a blog written by: A) a person of color and B) a lesbian. I really never imagined that people would be interested in the intimate details of my life. I didn’t see myself as the typical lesbian or the typical person of color.

ELIXHER: Why didn’t you consider yourself “typical”?
ALIX: I do a little writing. I can also be found with paint brushes in hand. I like to browse museums. In an hour’s time I can listen to Nas, N.E.R.D, and Gavin DeGraw. I wear what I hope will be locs one day. I think glasses are sexy. I speak proper English. And I believe in complete reciprocity in my relationships. Roles do not exist in my world. All of those traits make me the uniquely great individual that I am, but it made me wonder if anyone could relate to me. I wrote anyway. Often revealing more than I should. Definitely more than I was comfortable with. I often surprised myself. Especially when I found myself describing the most intimate of moments.

ELIXHER: What was the response?
ALIX: In return, I received emails and comments from people showing their appreciation for my transparency. My life should come with its own disclaimer. Once you’re a part of it, be prepared. I will write about it. And I must say, it’s worked in my favor. After all, being A Brown Girl Gone Gay is how my future wife found me.

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