Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills, the first lesbian newlyweds to be featured in’s Bridal Bliss, are rising stars in Washington, D.C. where they labor together in their passions and politics. Earlier this year, the power couple founded a website called threeLOL and is dedicated to “living, loving, and laboring out loud.” Check them out!

What is threeLOL?

A blog serving “politics and pop culture, up with a twist.” Read what the lovebirds have to say about “LOLing” through life together as wife and wife, navigating through the “grey suits and clutched pearls” on Capitol Hill as “polinistas,” and everything in between!

What exactly is a “polinista”?

“She is the smart, savvy, and elegantly dressed woman who knows just as much about Vogue as she does about voting! The only way she knows how to move through this land of political theater is in a pair of fierce heels with the brains to match,” Danielle writes in “Are You a Polinista?

“So, I ask you dear Polinistas of Poliwood [the new and improved Washington, D.C.], whose IQs are as high as your wedges…how are you going to spread your ferocious fashion sense and political sensibility through this town and around this world?”

Pumps and politics never looked so good!

What else should you know about the dynamic pair?

Aisha is currently the advisor for LGBT policy and racial justice at the Center for American Progress. Over the past decade she has served as a political advisor, private-sector liaison, and fundraiser to more than 40 members of Congress.

Danielle is a lobbyist helping to shape the federal legislative agenda. From the classroom to Capitol Hill she promotes social justice and actively lobbies for inclusive policies that enhance the lives of all Americans. She currently works for the National Wildlife Federation and previously served as an aide to Mayor Michael Bloomberg (NYC) and Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (NY-11).

Power couple, indeed.

Polinistas unite over at threeLOL with Aisha and Danielle!

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