In the Spirit of Community-Building features projects that range from the personal to the political. By signal boosting these endeavors, we hope to empower, create, and sustain our own in solidarity and success. We’re asking our readers to put aside just $20 a month (you’re encouraged to do more if you can afford it). Each month, your pledge to re-invest $20 back in our community can look like funding four different projects at $5 a piece. Or you can allocate all 20 bucks to one campaign. Can we count you in?

Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair

Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair is a children’s book that will empower young girls of color to love their curls. Inspired by events such as the Vanessa Van Dyke story, a young girl told by her school that she had to cut off her hair to avoid being teased by kids, founder Ariane Roberts thought why not teach kids from the beginning that who they are is just fine.

Campaign Ends: Thu, Mar 6 2014 7:38 PM EST

Black Weirdo Party Tour 

For the past 3 years, Catherine Harris-White and Stasia Irons from the musical duo THEESatisfaction have traveled the world sharing their gift of music. They’ve turned to the community not as THEESatisfaction but as independent community organizers through Black Weirdo. The Black Weirdo Party is a dance haven for the Black queer community and allies. It provides not only a safe environment but an experience of warmth and comfort that you just don’t get when you go out to nightclubs and bars. The parties also showcase DJs that are willing to step out of the Top 40 boundary and underground musicians who deserve to be brought to light. Cat and Stas are raising funds to expand the Black Weirdo Party and cover expenses.

Support “The Black Weirdo Party Tour” on Indiegogo from THEESatisfaction on Vimeo.

Campaign Ends: Fri, Feb 28 2014 11:59 PM PT

mater mea


mater mea is a bimonthly online magazine that profiles the inspirational lives of working mothers of color. 2012 was the year of work-life balance and “Can women have it all?” think pieces, but women of color were largely absent from these conversations. mater mea launched on Mother’s Day of that year to fill a void in the portrayal of working motherhood, using gorgeous photography and engaging profiles to tell the stories of women the media so often ignores. mater mea has featured the compelling stories of women such as black lesbian poet Staceyann Chin, who went through IVF treatment to have the daughter she always wanted despite judgment for choosing single motherhood over a two-mother home.

mater mea fundraising campaign video from Anthonia Akitunde on Vimeo.

Campaign Ends: Thur, Feb 20 2014 11:59 PM PT

Vacation for Mom During Cancer Treatment

This personal plea comes from a member of our community, Mila aka Hubba Myles. On November 7, 2013, her mother and best friend, Jalila, was diagnosed with Stage IV Cervical Cancer and was later told that she only has a year to live. They’re in no way ready to give up and give in to this disease and plan to fight (kicking and screaming if need be) for more years of happiness and memories. Much of her treatment consists of monthly visits to dozens of doctors for everything from chemotherapy to radiation and regular check-ups. Mila needs our help to put some smiles on her family’s faces with a family vacation (a first for them).

Campaign Ends: N/A

Help Save a Collective Theater of Women & Trans People – WOW Cafe Theatre

WOW Café Theatre Collective invests in the artistic achievement of women and/or people of transgender experience, showcasing works and embodying principles that dismantle interlinked oppression such as racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, ableism, classism, ageism, and sizeism. Situated in downtown NYC’s “theater row,” WOW has called the East Village home for 34 years, but city building laws gravely threaten their hold on the space.

Campaign Ends: Mon, Mar 03 2014 11:59 PM PT

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