In the Spirit of Community-Building features projects that range from the personal to the political. By signal boosting these endeavors, we hope to empower, create, and sustain our own in solidarity and success. We’re asking our readers to put aside $20 a month (you’re encouraged to do more if you can afford it or less if you can’t because every dollar counts!) and pledge to re-invest it back in our community. Can we count you in? Here are some projects you should support. Got one we missed? List it in the comments.

Honey Groove Queer Music and Arts Festival

Honey Groove is a festival that spotlights the talent of performing and visual artists who are queer women of color, creating a new experience for music and arts enthusiasts in the DC Metro Area. Queer women of color are beautiful and talented beyond measure yet we are under-represented in mainstream media and at large-scale festivals. Honey Groove’s mission is to create a unique experience that empowers queer creatives, engages the community, and awakens the creativity within us all.

You can purchase advance tickets via their Indiegogo campaign to guarantee entrance to this momentous event at the discounted price! General Admission tickets start at $30 so be sure to reserve yours today as prices will increase after the campaign ends March 2nd. On March 3rd, prices will increase!

Like us on Facebook and follow Honey on Instagram – keep in touch!

DONATE HERE | Campaign ends: March 02, 2015 (11:59pm PT)

Help QueerofGender Continue to Tell the Stories of 2Spirit & QTPOC

QueerofGender (QofG) is an emerging grassroots organization and online transnational visibility project, for racialized folks, by racialized folks, dedicated to affirming, acknowledging and celebrating the genders of LGBTTQQ2IAP+ Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. They accept nuanced and intersectional writing, art and all other media contributions and has had the opportunity to profile several community members from all over North American and some parts of Africa, who have spoken to their experiences of race, gender, dis/Ability, sexuality and more on our pages. Some individuals we have had the immense pleasure to profile include Kai Brown (aka Studslayer)Janet MockLady Dane Figueroa EdidiRyan G. HindsIgnacio RiveraAlok Vaid-Menon of DarkMatterRage and many, many more. Now, only a year later, QofG is growing exponentially…

QueerofGender wants to validate our own experiences and give our community members the opportunity to celebrate themselves through blogging, poetry, dance and all other forms of creative expression and healing arts.

But in order to do that, people MUST be compensated for their time, effort and work as to not perpetuate the narrative that the work of those who are racialized are not worthy of payment.

DONATE HERE | Campaign ends: May 7, 2015

Thurst: A Queer Hookup App

Thurst is an app for queer cis, trans, and non-binary folks who are seeking to connect in person. The app is for the people who are tired of apps made for cis, white men and heteroromantic individuals.

Have you heard: “I wish there were a Grindr app, but for women” or “Just because I’m bisexual doesn’t mean I want to get hit up for threesomes.” Then this app might be for you.

Thurst is a free, geo-location based dating and hookup app tailored to your wants and desires, allowing users to find a group of people around them at all times based on their specific criteria and security settings.

DONATE HERE | Campaign ends: March 01, 2015

Destination Tomorrow LGBT Safe Space in the Bronx

Destination Tomorrow is a small LGBTQ agency located in the Bronx. Their goal is to bring pride back to the Bronx by providing a safe space for our LGBTQ youth, increasing the visibility of our transgender sisters and brothers and aiding in Governor Cuomo’s effort to eradicated AIDS/HIV by 2020.

The Bronx is the only borough that does not have a safe space for its LGBTQ residents, but Destination Tomorrow is working overtime to resolve that. They have opened a drop-in program 3 three days per week so youth will have a place to hang out in their neighborhood. They designed a PSA discussing transgender men who sleep with men in an effort to address the erasure of trans men from the transgender narrative. They host a free monthly legal clinic for not just name changes but matters like immigration, housing and entitlements. They have partnered with the best hospital in the Bronx, Montefiore, to bring quality medical care to LGBTQ community members.

DONATE HERE | Campaign ends: March 29, 2015 (11:59pm PT)

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