InspiHERed By spotlights phenomenal women in the Black queer community—everyone from artists to activists. Each month ELIXHER features someone whose personal journey and individual craft inspire us to dream bigger, laugh harder, and love deeper. This month ELIXHER spotlights Washington, DC-based entrepreneur and founder of LMN Jeans Holly “HD” Dixon.

ELIXHER: Tell us a little about yourself.
HD: Born and raised in Washington DC, I attended Paul Lawrence Dunbar Senior High School. When I turned 21, I moved to Atlanta, GA to attend college and stayed for fifteen years. My mother’s health wasn’t getting any better so I decide it was time for me to move back home.  Currently I work for one of the top law firms in D.C. as an IT Support Specialist.

ELIXHER:  You are also the founder and chief executive officer of LMN Jeans. LMN stands for Label Me Not. Why Label Me Not as the name?
HD: Label Me Not came after having many brainstorming sessions where I realized just how many categories there are in the entire [gay] community.  There are so many labels/names in the lesbian community and I didn’t want to exclude or offend anyone.

I want to promote jean equality, no matter someone’s ethnicity, style or sexual orientation; everyone deserves access to a great pair of jeans.

ELIXHER:  Where did your inspiration come from to start the brand?
HD: During a night out at a popular lesbian club, I become extremely aware of the many [women] wearing men’s jeans there. I’ve always known [ladies] who preferred men’s clothing over women’s clothing but at that moment, I wanted to know what they did and didn’t like about wearing men’s jeans. That’s when the idea to create a denim line struck me and afterwards I started dreaming in denim. I studied the process of what it required to create a quality pair of denim jeans, I developed the first-ever hybrid denim jeans on the market. LMN Jeans are a combination of both men and women jeans. They offer a simple waist and inseam measurements, made of premium selvage denim fabric, masculine style and superior fit for woman’s physique. Our slogan says it all….His Style Her Fit.

ELIXHER: What makes LMN Jeans so unique? I know it has the “My Boo” pocket, which I think is an extremely cute idea!
HD:  Thank you! I’m very thankful to have come up with the “Other” aka “My Boo” Pocket. The first-ever half pocket with exposed selvage at the top opening is designed for your significant other to place their hand inside. It also doubles as the signature back-pocket design of LMN Jeans. Our hybrid jeans will not only share the unique attributes that make men’s and women’s jeans inherently special, but will align with the quality, finish, and exclusiveness of selvage denim products. Selvage denim, also known as selvedge denim, bestows a clean hem that will not unravel, and is characterized by a tighter, denser weave made on old shuttle-style looms. This delivers a tailored, authentic, and well-made product. In addition, the more one wears selvage denim, the better it shapes to one’s body. Since selvage has traditionally been marketed to men, LMN Jeans intends to create products that apply to the female market on the tenets of style, form, durability and comfort.

ELIXHER: What challenges have you faced developing your brand? What has the response been like?
HD: In the beginning my challenge was finding someone who had both the knowledge and skillset to help me bring LMN Jeans to life. After searching the Internet, sending out several emails and making lots of phone calls, I found fashion designer Jeff L. in Burbank, California. He has over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry and his specialty is working with selvage denim.  The response has been truly amazing! We’ve received so much love and support on all of our social media sites. With this brand, we were able to expose a lot of women to the world of premium selvage denim fabric for the first time.

ELIXHER: Who or what inspires you?
HD: I find inspiration from all people, places and things.  I try not to judge but instead try to understand, empathize, learn and grow.

ELIXHER: What makes you proud to be a part of the Black queer community?
HD:  I’m proud of the support and camaraderie we give to each other.

ELIXHER: What are some areas for growth?
HD:  Well, I love a great party just like the next but I would like to see more activities that will help us grow in both business and political endeavors.

ELIXHER: What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?
HD:  When people first meet me, they think I’m a lot younger than what I really am. They ask me what am I taking or doing and I tell them, “You have to drink a lot of water and laugh often.”

ELIXHER: So what’s next for HD?
HD: We are participating in our first ever fashion show on July 27. I’m working on the national marketing plan to provide the means to take the brand to as many pride events possible. Also, I’m in talks with a company about doing a music video for the LMN Jeans theme song at

LMN Jeans are available now on the LMN Jeans website ( and are available for pre-order. You can also find them on Facebook at

– Interview by Tia N. Williams

Tia N. Williams is the woman behind The Buddha In Me, an agency of artists, speakers, poets, and activists based in Atlanta. The Buddha In Me specializes in providing quality programs to educate, enlighten, and entertain. Tia recently received her M.Ed. from the University of Georgia in College Student Affairs Administration.

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