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ELIXHER | September 5, 2015

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Is ‘Coming Out’ the New Cool or Just Less Taboo?

Is ‘Coming Out’ the New Cool or Just Less Taboo?

Joseline Hernandez, star of Vh1′s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, recently ‘came out’ as bisexual after being asked by a fan how she feels about gay people.

Hernandez, a former dancer, has spoken about her sexuality and open relationships more and more in recent weeks. She reportedly talked about her relationship with co-star music mogul Stevie J on a Hot 97 radio show:

“I’m not really tripping about what Stevie do because I love women to0,” Hernandez said. “If he wants to go have fun, then you know I’ll be right there with him.”


Not sure we really want to count Joseline as a win for ‘team bisexual’ just yet. Or do we?

Don’t call it “coming out” for R&B singer Monifah.

The star of the new TV One series R&B Divas told Essence that that isn’t how she’d describe what she did by revealing that she’s dating a woman. “I hate the term,” she says, “because I’ve never been anything but who I am, and I’ve lived my authentic life.”

What do folks think? From Frank Ocean to R&B singer Monifah, with all these quasi-celebs publicly claiming their truths, is “coming out” the new cool or just becoming less taboo?

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