For their “Coolest Black Family in America,” features wives JaChel and Micaela. Editor’s Note: The beautiful couple was featured in ELIXHER’s ‘Our Family’ column back in 2011.

What’s most intriguing about the Redmonds is, talking to JaChel is just like talking to Micaela. And it’s not a same gender thing. Maybe they’re complementary archetypes or astrologically aligned. Interviewing them separately, they answer questions almost identically—pausing thoughtfully, laughing freely… and both women are pillars of optimism.

Living in Spain, Micaela “met” JaChel online. “I was kind of homesick and wanted to talk to someone from my hometown.” Both from Memphis, Tennessee, they were friends for only two and half years before recognizing one another as potential mates. Micaela never thought of JaChel romantically and vice versa. Well, until they did. “JaChel is just this incredible person. It’s like one day, she was everything,” she says.

“…souls have no gender,” JaChel says. “When a person leaves here, the spirit leaves the body. So if I find my soulmate and their earth suit happens to be a woman or man, it doesn’t matter which it is for me. I love the soul of that person. I love what that person has to offer internally.”

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