Scene: a Soul-Train-esque stage surrounded by screaming young girls donning funky colors and Kool-Aid grins. Camera moves in on the plaid and patterned host who admirably introduces his next guest of the evening, stating that he has witnessed her “knock a man out with her eyelashes alone” (a fiercely appropriate line, if I do say so myself).  The crowd roars and the lights go down as a funky, low rumbling beat begins to build.  House lights go up, and there is the Electric Lady, herself, sporting a head of long wild tresses and a white shag jacket.  Sharing the stage with a band of black and white-clad dancing queens and rad musicians, the groove ignites!

In the second release from her forthcoming album, The Electric Lady, Janelle asks the ultimate question: when the world comes to an end, how will you choose to spend your final hours?  According to Ms. Monáe, when the apocalypse comes a’knocking, our best bet would be to keep on grooving and moving all the way to the end.  Utilizing a 80’s rock spin on her signature monotone attire coupled with that undeniable degree of showmanship all her own, the audience of screaming fans have no choice but to reach out and try to grab a piece of the amazing.

In the middle of the performance, a breaking report cuts in to inform the masses that the world is in fact coming to an end, we’re talking locusts, fires, and zombies.  Immediately following the devastating news, the video kicks back to the rousing feel good tunes and radical dance moves, reminding us without a shadow of a doubt that regardless of the dreadful state of the circumstances, groove is forever in the heart.

You have to admit that crumping and moonwalking across the stage, kissing friends in the bathroom, breaking a set of matching musical instruments, and rolling out barefoot on the back of a motorcycle is far from the the worst way to usher in the apocalypse.

And on that note, both Janelle and I would “really really like to thank you for dancing ’til the end.”

Janelle Monáe’s new album, The Electric Lady, featuring Q.U.E.E.N. & Dance Apocalyptic will be available on September 10.

– Tie’sha Sadie

ELIXHER contributing editor Tie’sha Sadie is a Brooklyn-bred femme-sin-sation with a pension for radical expression and queer youth empowerment.  She is a multi-disciplinary creative simultaneously questing to redefine the parameters of conscious sexuality, facilitate the evolution of brown community, and drop kick all -ism based ignorance. Oh, she can also be found ranting and raving a little over at Sugarfree:ology.

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