As if the luscious Laura Mvula has not already cast her spell on our eardrums, her newest release entitled “That’s Alright” resounds as a living testament to the power of lyric and note. Boasting a toe-tapping, shoulder-shaking groove, this tale is one of self-love, knowledge of self, and better still, a dismissal of the need to appease.

The video stars the always aesthetically titillating songstress, a chocolate brown baby girl, a caramel-coated wild-haired youngling, and a troupe of midnight-tint groovers. Set in a rather dapper vintage-themed hotel lobby, the element water and flashes of technicolor light are employed to take us on an almost surreal journey into brown girl confidence and projection.

I will never be what you want and that’s alright
‘cause my skin ain’t light and my body ain’t tight
and that’s alright but if I might, I’ma stand and fight
“I will never be what you want and that’s alright
I play my own damn tune
I shine like the moon
and very soon
I’ll soon fly over you…

A series of outfit changes, color dynamics, and bold eye shadows spotlight the artist’s curvaceous figure and beautiful skin without invoking that societal production norm of over-sexualizing the lead in a futile attempt to draw attention away from the lackluster quality of the music–an issue that the always enlightening and contextual Mvula will never have to worry about. “That’s Alright” is the third video released in conjunction with the artist’s second EP, Sing to The Moon, released March 4, 2013.

– Tie’sha Sadie

Tie’sha Sadie is a Brooklyn-bred femme-sin-sation with a pension for radical expression and queer youth empowerment. She is a multi-disciplinary creative simultaneously questing to redefine the parameters of conscious sexuality, facilitate the evolution of brown community, and drop kick all -ism based ignorance. Oh, she can also be found ranting and raving a little over at Sugarfree:ology.

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