Latishia "Elle" James

Latishia “Elle” James

How do you fall in love without losing yourself? Latishia “Elle” James, a self-professed contradiction, tackles the question in a conversation with life coach Marsha Philitas. Latishia, a reproductive health and sexuality worker, is currently attending seminary. She and her partner have written about their journey as couple on ELIXHER (Read “Why I Will Never Celebrate Valentine’s Day Again” and “Deliberate and Kinda Sorta Still Afraid of Some Things”.)

Latishia’s interview is originally part of the Radical Intimacy eCourse being offered by The Trifecta Tribe, an organization that offers life coaching and sacred retreats to queer women of color. Radical Intimacy is a transformational, online course for queer women who are ready for hotter and deeper love lives. The course includes insightful lessons and interviews with women who have walked the path to healthy love sent right to your inbox. You can register for the course by visiting

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