Courtesy of OUT Magazine

In their Love issue, nine couples join OUT Magazine in their annual paean to love, in all its glorious forms. One particular couple caught our attention. Meet Chwanda and Kacey.

With seven children in total, you’d think this couple would have their hands full. But after a civil union ceremony in Illinois, they were inspired to take their family on the road for an “I Do” Marathon: nine marriages in eight cities in 10 days.

Kacey: The hardest thing, of course, is trying to take care of six people with one income, since Chwanda is still looking for a job. That has really been our only challenge. I’m so determined; I don’t care what I have to go through. Even though we’re struggling, even though it’s hard, we still have each other, we still have the kids.

Chwanda: So I let everyone know: “You guys are grown, so I’m not really worried about how y’all react. I’m more concerned about the younger ones.” I think my youngest son may have cried a little bit. I don’t think he was disappointed, but I think it was finally real that I was not gonna be with their dad anymore. The one thing I remember is that they kept saying they wanted me to be happy. And they liked Kacey.

Courtesy of OUT Magazine

Courtesy of OUT Magazine

Read the full story, “Mothers May I?”

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