Photo courtesy of OUT

Photo courtesy of OUT

We’ve written about queer and trans activists Kim and Tiq Milan’s whirlwind romance and how the two serve as public possibility models for Black queer love (READ: “Worshipping Each Other: Public Possibility Models of Black Queer Love“). Needless to say we couldn’t stop swooning when we saw the pair profiled in OUT magazine’s Love Issue. Here’s an excerpt about what Kim had to say about identity and how she’s loving without limits:

I have dated a lot of women. For a while, I was transitioning out of identifying as a lesbian and started identifying as queer, and it changed the kind of relationships I was having. At the beginning, it was also about proving to other people that I was queer. As a femme I think my queerness gets conferred on me by my partner. I think that coming into a relationship with Tiq was about being very honest with myself in a way I hadn’t been before, about really wanting to be with him specifically.

First, people were like, “You just met each other.” I said, “But we’re super in love and I don’t really care.” I’ve had people say I “copped out” — that I left being a lesbian to be a straight girl.

Much respect to the couple for defining themselves for themselves. Read the full profile here.

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  1. Nicole Holmes

    I feel like a creep but I can’t stop looking at them! They are such a beautiful couple


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