We’re in queer browngirl heaven! Just days after photos of Raven Symone and her rumored girlfriend AzMarie hit the Internets, we received reports that legendary basketball star Michael Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine Jordan, posted pics on Instagram with her girlfriend, Carmen. The two were photographed embracing in a mirror selfie on August 29, with the caption “at least I cropped out my socks #MirrorPics#TBTCarmJazEdition#SheNeverLetMeRock# TheDisrespectHasReturned.”  When one user responded to the picture and asked if Carmen was her girlfriend, Jasmine responded, “yupp.”

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

The Syracuse University student Jasmine took to her Instagram to address the rumors, saying that she doesn’t have to validate her sexual orientation to anyone.

“MTO has struck again! Lol but just like the last time, I’m chillin and not bothered. Negativity go to the left and take a seat. No time for that! Everyone have an amazing day!” she wrote.

In the same post, Jasmine also wrote a note that read: “Until Love, Trust, Honesty, Repost, Loyalty, Commitment, Genuine, Happiness and other charactertsitics or aspects I want in a relationship is defined by one gender then and only then will I discuss my sexual preference.”

Whatever you decide, Jasmine, we’re rooting for you!

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8 Responses

  1. LearnToRead

    I can’t believe that I read articles just to read the comments. If you don’t like gay people, why are you on a gay site?!?! I’m a straight, married man but I support the rights of people to love who they love. Period. Full stop. If you think marriage is for procreation, you should rally against heterosexual adoption, in-vitro fertilization etc…. You should rally against heterosexuals who don’t have children.

    Live and let live.

    If you were hit by a car and paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of your life, would you still love your partner? Would they love you? The physical is important, but it’s not everything. (It’s neither necessary, nor sufficient for all you closet economists).

  2. Dee

    Just to give everyone heads up Love is not Love. God is Love and true love is not known until we know God. To know God is to know His Word and have faith in that Word. What does God’s Word say about our situation thats what we should be searching. Without His Word in our lives, we don’t have our identities in tack so we look for it elsewhere. The bottom line lets not wait too late to find who we truly are in Him. If not we’re lost in this world and we think because someone supports or likes what we do that its ok.
    2 Timothy 3:1-4

  3. Eboogie

    Wow I didnt expect to see ignorance on this site. Shame on me; it is everywhere and it is toxic. I employ you to READ and LEARN because your statement is no different from those that put OUR ancestors in boundage for over 400 years. And, come on man, procreation? Maybe you should have CONTINUED to peruse this site and you would have found stories of lesbian couples HAVING and RAISING children. Please find a CONSTRUCTIVE hobby; I beg you!

  4. Rene

    This kills me inside to see this. Makes me want to die. As young and as beautiful as she is she’s choosing to be with another woman. It looks like everything we fought for together historically is being flushed down the toilet. We endured slavery tother, share cropping, Jim Crow, working together to keep together families but now it seems like all that’s being flushed down the toilet. Lesbianism is killing our black women and homosexuality is killing our black men and as an African American community it’ll destroy alongside abortion since there will be no more procreation. Literally we’re headed down our own extinction as a peoples.

    • Melissa

      That was literally the most ignorant thing I have ever read…love is love and it doesn’t matter race or gender or ANYTHING!!! LOVE IS LOVE PERIOD!!! So please next time u decide to talk about the ignorance u did, maybe u should think about the REAL problems we have going on in the world today smh…good day

    • cathey

      With all the black on black crime, teenage pregnancies, police brutality going on, THIS is what you’re upset about?
      Love is Love
      And a beautiful thing.
      A persons love interest is no ones business.
      What you should worry abt is all these Pastors molesting lil boys in the church, or dating all the women in the church

      Hats off to this couple

    • HipHopSays

      @rene … eugenics on any level is wrong….procreation does not ensure continuation of the race. fact, american slavery doesn’t exist and there fore the number of folks who count their ancestry to slavery will dwindle — no matter how many babies are born. being gay doesn’t ‘kill’ anything…no one has ever died from loving someone of the same gender…they’ve died from people (both straight and gay) committing violence but not from the very act of loving someone else. Also, gay men and women are raising kids everyday …. gay men are raising little girls just like straight black women have been raising little black boys for generations now.


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