Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby

Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby

We’re saddened to report the latest details in the murder of Britney Cosby and her girlfriend Crystal Jackson, both 24. Britney’s father James Cosby was arrested on Thursday and charged two counts of tampering with evidence. Detectives suspected the murder occurred at his house. James Cosby, allegedly did not support the women’s relationship. According to Britney’s mother, Loranda Remer, the victim’s father would “throw it in her face” and told Britney repeatedly, “Don’t throw that gay shit around in this house.”

The two women, who neighbors describe as “soulmates,” lived with James Cosby, his grandmother and Crystal Jackson’s 5-year-old daughter. They had been together for two years. The murder was allegedly committed in the women’s bedroom, reports SheWired. According to autopsy reports, Jackson was shot once in the head and Britney Cosby was bludgeoned to death, sustaining head wounds and a broken neck. The women’s bodies were discovered near a dumpster in Gavelston, Texas. Qlic Press spoke with Britney Cosby’s aunt and the organizer of her funeral fundraiser.

“I’m just in shock…I’m just in shock,” Ebony McDade told the site. “But, I prayed for closure and my exact words were, ‘God, whomever did this, please bring them forth.’  Yes, I love my brother dearly, but we all have different paths in life. And he definitely went down the wrong one.”

On March 12, James Crosby had attended a vigil held for his daughter and her girlfriend. When asked what he would miss most about his daughter, he responded, “Her smile, her bubbliness, her spontaneity.” On March 13, he was arrested after video surveillance footage showed he had been near the bodies but had not called police. Police described a search of the house as “a bloodbath.”

According to the Sheriff’s Department, Cosby was recently released from prison last October. He served 10 years after a 1994 sexual assault of a 22-year-old woman and then two more for failing to register as a sex offender.

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