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When married power couple and business partners Monica and Cheril Bey-Clarke were seeking to become licensed foster parents in New Jersey, they were frustrated by the lack of materials and books available for the children of GLBT parents.

The couple, featured in a recent “Most Powerful Lesbians” issue of Curve Magazine, decided to step in and fill the void of books and materials for kids of all ages and backgrounds. Their goal was also to promote the celebration of our differences and the importance of family values.

It didn’t hurt that Cheril has been an award-winning author, novelist and playwright in the LGBT community for over ten years and Monica has over a decade of experience formulating, creating strategies for and implementing business concepts.

In 2010, they founded My Family!, a retail arm of Dodi Press, LLC, to provide those books and materials and positive experiences for LGBT parents for generations to come. The company went international in 2011 and has a website where you can purchase their diverse multicultural line of books and products.

As I perused the site and the gender identity section, I noted that Cheryl Kilodavis’ My Princess Boy is one of the books for sale on their website, in addition to others from a wide array of authors that cover the various aspects of the LGBT community and the issues that would impact the children of same-sex, bi and trans parents.

One of them was a trans themed book by writer Monique Costa entitled When Leonard Lost His Spots.

So for you parents in the LGBT community looking for some quality books and items for your kids and wanting to circulate your TBLG dollars in the community, may wish to surf by the My Family! website and see what they have to offer.

– Monica Roberts

Monica Roberts, aka the TransGriot, is a native Houstonian and a trailblazing award winning trans community leader. In addition to participating in a long list of panel discussions and speaking engagements to various colleges, groups and conferences over the years, in January 2006 she founded the award winning blog TransGriot.

*Originally posted on TransGriot. Cross-posted with permission.

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  1. KristinDC

    Children’s books that document my voice and ideal. Such validation for myself and my future family. This is amazing! Thank you.

  2. Cheril Bey-Clarke

    Thank you so much for publishing this write-up. We are definitely working to continue producing great products for “our” families (and friends:)!


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