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NAKED, the debut documentary from the htxpeopleproject — a creative webspace that intersects the dimensions of art, music, culture, conversation and experience — gives real women the opportunity to truthfully tell their stories of struggle, adversity, insecurity, and perseverance. Through this documentary, we seek to challenge the reverberated appropriation that society has placed upon the Black woman’s attitude, image, and role.

In order to assess the Black woman experience, we must defy objective measures and acquire insights from the oppressed group in order to accurately understand why we believe what we believe to be true. Through a documentary narrative, NAKED intends to reveal the raw essence of eight women who dare to break their silence and boldly reveal their scars. The visual narrative is not intended to create a sense of radical separatism between majority and minority groups nor does it aim to place blame and portray the Black woman experience from a victimizing standpoint. The sole purpose is rooted in the ability for women to create a sense of community in a safe space where they can freely ventilate their stories, experiences, and circumstances.

NAKED from Morganne Nikole on Vimeo.

As a young Black gay woman situated at the forefront of intersecting oppressions, I know what it feels like to be silenced. To be ignored. To be overlooked. But with my voice, my passion, and my project, I aspire to give others the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement.

“We speak. And we make them listen.”

naked-docMy name is Bria Davis and I am a 22-year-old student at Texas Southern University pursuing an undergraduate degree in the field of child and family development. I was born and raised in one of the six historic wards of Houston, Texas known to many as Third Ward.  At first glance, one may assume that the community is nothing greater than an impoverished landscape permeated with high crime rates, government housing, and underprivileged environmental conditions. But for me, my neighborhood represents an astounding paradigm of perseverance, culture, human empowerment, and untainted stories yearning to be told.

Because of my perspective, I began wandering the streets of Houston, on a quest to find underrepresented people with real stories and speaking with them through real conversation. It was under this concept that I founded and created “The People Project: Real Lives. Real Art. Real History. Real Conversation.”

I believe that everyone has a purpose and we all deserve a chance to speak about our experiences regardless of our background or social economic placement. There are voices that need to be heard, and I’m willing to give my all to provide that platform for all women. I not only want to reach my community, but make enough noise for the world to be touched too. NAKED will be an ongoing series, and this is only the beginning of my storytelling.

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