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“Critics will say this web series is a hybrid cross between The L Word and Sex and the City with a southern twist.”- The Fab Femme

Aryka Randall, creator of, is anxious to bring you a compelling new lesbian web series based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Girl Play tells the story of four feminine lesbian women who are searching for true love in the ‘Big Easy.’ Olivia Black, a driven New Orleans twenty-something, and her group of gal pals work to form successful, though sometimes turbulent, relationships while maintaining their careers and independence. Each character will take viewers on relatable journeys, highlighting stories of lesbian love, deceit, political hardships, and self-acceptance.

Girl Play will feature eight 15-20 minute episodes. The series will aim to end common lesbian stereotypes and showcase diversity among feminine lesbian women; it will also initiate dialogue on topics in the LGBT community such as femme invisibility and gay marriage. Additionally, the series will aim to shed light on the southern lesbian lifestyle in New Orleans which is commonly overlooked by mainstream media.

Girl Play will launch in February 2013, just in time for Mardi Gras.

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  1. LezIntellect

    This is GREAT NEWS! I have been lamenting about the lack of quality black lesbian entertainment on my blog. So I’m looking forward to checking this web series out.

  2. Sandy

    I currently live in New Orleans and am having difficulty finding gay people of color my age (I’m 27). Where in New Orleans is all of this taking place?


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