Here at ELIXHER we’ve always believed in reinvesting in our community. After all, community doesn’t build itself, right? We do. That is why we’re so excited to partner with THE REVIVAL Poetry Tour for our next SummHer brunch event at Brooklyn’s Beso Restaurant & Bar on Sunday, July 8. A portion of all proceeds will go to the poetry tour.

THE REVIVAL weaves a salon-styled night of poetry, music, libations and genuine fellowship. Sexy, vibrant and diverse, every concert takes place in a residential venus honoring a queer tradition of safe space and community building. THE REVIVAL 2012 will travel from D.C., Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta, Brooklyn and Durham connecting queer women, creators and changemakers.

Come show your support at ELIXHER’s next SummHer event (RSVP here)! There will be guest performance by performing artist SiairaShawn (pictured).

In the meantime, donate to THE REVIVAL’s very first fundraising effort and Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 in the next 19 days.

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