With so many Black queer and trans women flourishing in entertainment, ELIXHER decided to bring you a weekly round up. Every weekend, you can find out what’s happening on television, in music and everywhere in between. This week’s installment features Azealia Banks, Janet Mock, Queen Latifah, and Laverne Cox.

Azealia Banks Goes Off on TI, Iggy + Black Music Being Smudged Out

If you’re looking for an unhibited, no holds barred, speak your mind kind of interview, you’ve found it here. Bisexual rapper Azealia Banks is a passionate artist with an even more passionate perspective on society and the depiction of Black people in America. This passion brought her to tears quite a few times in this sit-down with Hot97:

Janet Mock is #SoPOPular with New Shift by msnbc Show

New York Times best-selling author, trans advocate, and Marie Claire magazine contributing editor Janet Mock can now add talk show host to her growing resumé. It’s no surprise MSNBC snatched up Mock for their new digital platform, Shift. She’s brilliant and a natural on camera! Watch the inaugural episode of “So Popular” below! Sherri Shepherd joined Janet, plus, a look back at a year when pop culture and privacy met head on. Every Friday, at 11 a.m. ET, the pop culture guru will “discuss the things you pretend you’re too smart to like in an effort to expand the idea of what’s political and worthy of analysis.” Love it! Tell us what you think in the comments.

ESSENCE Has a First Look at Queen Latifah as Legendary Queer Singer Bessie Smith

(H/T AfterEllen) ESSENCE gave us a peek into Queen Latifah’s upcoming role as queer blues singer Bessie Smith in her HBO biopic, “The Empress of the Blues.” The film, which is directed by lesbian filmmaker Dee Rees (Pariah), will tell the story of “the legendary Smith’s turbulent personal life and her transformation into one of the most iconic singers of the 20th century.” Smith frequently had conflicts with her jealous second husband, Jack Gee, over her affairs with women. She also sang songs with explicit lesbian content such as “It’s Dirty But Good” from 1930. The film will premiere on HBO next year.


Laverne Cox Returns to The View, Schools Hosts and Viewers on Racism

Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox returned to The View on Thursday as a guest co-host. We were proud to see Cox challenge Whoopi Goldberg’s notion of racism. Check out the clip.

Laverne Stuns on Project Runway: All Stars as Guest Judge

Laverne had us chuckling this past Thursday when she took a seat in the judge’s chair of Project Runway: All Stars. The designers had to create couple’s outfits for clients going on their first dates. Usually, judges joke about walking away with one of the runway looks. Laverne almost walked off with one of the models! “I gave this look high scores because I think John is sexy…he’s a very sexy man…and if things don’t work out with you two, John, you should call me,” she quipped in a stunning yellow cape dress. Watch the full episode here.


Beyoncé Sends Laverne Cox a Gift

A known Beyoncé fan, Laverne literally hit the floor when she received a holiday card and sweatshirt from the iconic entertainer. Can you blame her?! She shared her fangirl freakout on Instagram.

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