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With so many Black queer women flourishing in entertainment, ELIXHER decided to bring you a weekly round up. Every Saturday, you can find out what’s happening on television, in music and everywhere in between. This week’s installment features singer and reality TV star Monifah and her fiance Terez, Angel Haze, Gabourey Sidibe and more.

Keke Wyatt Ruins Monifah & Terez’s Engagement Party On R&B Divas

This week, R&B Divas Season 3 premiere was centered around LaTavia Roberson (Destiny’s Child) and Kameelah Williams (702) joining the cast to substitute the absence of Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert (Brownstone), who both are still executive producers of the TV One show. Last season, Monifah was surprised by the proposal of her girlfriend Terez. During this season’s premiere the “I Miss You (Come Back Home)” singer and her fiance’s engagement party was also the center of the episode. KeKe Wyatt apparently was hurt and held a grudge against Monifah because she hadn’t heard from her in a while, which spilled over into the night of Monifah’s party. Without any regard for the intimate and joyous moment, Wyatt was her usual self during the party, which caused her to clash with Monifah. Check it out below.

Angel Haze Discusses Her Sexuality & Homophobia In Hip Hop

In her latest column for Noisey, pansexual rapper and singer Angel Haze discussed her sexuality and homophobia within hip hop culture. The “New York” rapper explained that she doesn’t have a coming out story because she doesn’t think anyone needs to come out. “I don’t have a coming Angel-Haze-portraitout story because I don’t think anyone needs to come out,” the Detroit native wrote. “I don’t get the fascination with being gay, lesbian, bisexual. There’s no separation between gay rights and human rights, it’s just fucking stupid.” She went on to talk about how being gay in hip hop is still stigmatized and how she doesn’t discuss her sexuality with people, unless they’re in a sexual situation. “I guess I’m ‘out,’ but people ask me what my sexuality is all the time and I always tell them that it doesn’t matter, we’re not in a sexual situation so you don’t need to know,” she said. “If we were in a sexual situation you would know exactly who I am sexually.” Echoing the sentiments of other queer rappers, Haze admitted that she gets caught up on people thinking of her as a queer rapper. So she doesn’t discuss her sexuality in her music. Read the full column here.

Gabourey Sidibe Is Excited To Go Gay In New Film

Award-winning actress Gabourey Sidibe plays a lesbian in a new film, Life Partners, which gabpremiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. The Precious star told Out Magazine that she really wanted to play the “nerdy” role. “My best friend in the entire world is a lesbian and I just thought it would be fun,” she said. Sidibe also shared that there isn’t a difference between straight and gay roles. “Once I showed up in this role, I realized actually how playing a lesbian is not different,” she explained. “It’s all about the story, and it’s the same thing. It’s the same as playing a straight person.” Being her usual humorous self, she jokingly asked if she could have a myriad of women. “But I really did like it, because this character got to be a little bit of a pimp,” she said.” Can I like have a harem of ladies? Because I would love to marry and be life partners with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I’d have to bring them together.”

Yana Makes Love To Malik

This week on BET’s The Game, the bisexual trainer Yana continued to have a sex marathon with Malik. While the two continued to get it on, Malik discovered something. He discovered that he made love for the first time with Yana. While discussing the experience, Yana explained to Malik that she usually only “makes love” to women, but that she was making love to Malik as well. Check it out below.

Rainbow Noise Entertainment Releases New Video

This week, Rainbow Noise, the group featuring Stud Phamous, released their new video, “Off The Richter.” The track comes from their new mixtape, Complicated Compilation. Check it out below.

Glennisha Morgan serves as ELIXHER’s Entertainment Editor. She is the founder of The Fembassy (a blog that is solely dedicated to women MCs), a multimedia journalist, photographer and filmmaker. During her career she has interviewed people like Russell Simmons, La La Anthony, MC Lyte, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Laverne Cox, and Marsha Ambrosius. In 2010, Glennisha was featured in BET’s first original music documentary, ‘My Mic Sounds Nice.’   

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