By Glennisha Morgan

With so many Black queer women flourishing in entertainment, ELIXHER decided to bring you a weekly round up. Every Saturday, you can find out what’s happening on television, in music and everywhere in between. This week’s installment features singer and reality TV star Monifah , Janet Mock, Laverne Cox and more.

Monifah Visits The Wendy Show

On April 28, singer and R&B Divas: Atlanta star Monifah appeared on The Wendy Williams Show. During the segment, Monifah discussed the tension between her and KeKe Wyatt at her and Terez’s engagement party, her relationship with her daughter, being dropped from Universal Records and being out in the 90’s and more. Check it out below.

Janet Mock Flips The Script On Interviewer

Writer, trans activist and New York Times bestselling author Janet Mock recently sat down with Fusion’s Alicia Menendez and turned the tables on her. Mock interviewed Menendez and asked her questions in relation to being cisgender. The awkward and uncomfortable questions were MockFusionx400_0similar to what transgender women are usually asked during interviews. “What’s so amazing is if I were to look at you, I would have never not known that you weren’t trans,” Mock said to Menendez. ELIXHER’s covergirl then continued to ask Menendez a series of personal questions. “Do you have a vagina?” Mock asked during the mock interview. “Did you feel like a girl?”

“When did your breasts start budding,” she asked. At the end of the segment, Menendez revealed to Mock that the interview felt unsettling and that even they had written some of those questions, she didn’t realize how awful they would feel. Menendez stated that she felt like a “a token.”Mock then explained to Menendez that that’s how she often feels during interviews. Check it out below.

Laverne Cox Covers Frontiers LA

LAVERNE COXOn May 1, Laverne Cox shared her cover of Frontiers LA on Instagram. “So happy to be covering @frontiersla this week,” the award-winning actress and producer wrote. “I say way too much in print interviews sometimes. That’s not me being critical of myself just a loving observation. In the interview I talk about not saying negative stuff about myself to myself.”

In the in-depth story, Cox discusses self-care, having spring fever, relating to her character, Sophia on Orange Is the New Black and more.

When talking about self-care, Cox also discusses valuing herself. “I’m trying to sort of find balance between work and self-care. And self-care can be hanging out with friends or having a karaoke night,” she said. “So I’m decorating my apartment really for the first time as an adult, and saying to myself that I deserve to have a space that reflects who I am—that’s huge. And this morning—actually, the past couple of days—I’ve been saying to myself, ‘This black trans body is worth it.’  Read the full story here.

Chicago Film Festival To Showcase Black Queer Experience


This week, Chicago’s Black Alphabet Film Festival announced its 2014 dates. It was also revealed that the festival will screen films that reflect queer Black experiences. Tickets will be available for purchase in June. Last year’s premiere festival featured a myriad of short and feature-length films. Friend of Essex, about queer poet and activist Essex Hemphill and Glitterboys and Ganglands, featuring the transgender and beauty pageant culture of South Africa were among the films featured last year. 

The LGBT-centered films will screen on Wednesday, Jul. 2 at the DuSable Museum, 740 E. 56th Pl., and on Thursday, Jul. 3 at the Center on Halsted, 3656 N. Halsted St. 

Monifah and Terez Begin Planning Their Wedding

This week on R&B Divas Monifah and Terez began discussing their wedding plans. The couple MONIFAH AND TEREZtalked about having their wedding somewhere with a warm climate, where marriage equality is also supported. In addition to discussing their wedding destination, Monifah asked for Terez’s blessing to get liposuction before the wedding. Wanting to support her fiance, Terez obliged. Prior to talking to Terez about the surgery, Monifah had a consultation and expressed her concerns about the surgery with the doctor. She was very concerned about pain management and didn’t want to necessarily use narcotics since she’s currently sober. The doctor assured the singer that she didn’t need drugs and as long as she has a great support system, she should be fine. Watch here.

Malik and Yana End It

The storyline between Malik and the bisexual trainer Yana on BET’s The Game has been quite steamy, but this week malikthings took an awful turn. While at the hospital for the birth of Tasha’s daughter, Malik and Yana got into a heated argument about Malik trying out for a few football teams. Malik got excited because he has previously played a game of catch with his friends, who thought that he was ready to get back on the field. Yana explained to Malik that the there’s a huge difference between playing catch with friends and getting back on the field as a professional football player and that, as his trainer, she was not going to sign off on it because he wasn’t ready. Malik felt that Yana wasn’t being supportive and that she wasn’t trying to be a part of his crew, causing Yana to end things on the spot and walk off. Check it out below.

Glennisha Morgan serves as ELIXHER’s Entertainment Editor. She is the founder of The Fembassy (a blog that is solely dedicated to women MCs), a multimedia journalist, photographer and filmmaker. During her career she has interviewed people like Russell Simmons, La La Anthony, MC Lyte, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Laverne Cox, and Marsha Ambrosius. In 2010, Glennisha was featured in BET’s first original music documentary, ‘My Mic Sounds Nice.’ 

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