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Faces of Your Fears: Corrective Rape in South Africa

Since 1998, over thirty lesbians have been killed in South Africa as a result of “corrective rape” (rape intended to punish a lesbian and believed to change or "correct" her sexuality). Some estimate that at least ten lesbians are raped or assaulted each week in Cape Town alone.
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InspiHERed By: Rebecca Emmanuelle

InspiHERed By spotlights phenomenal women in the Black queer community—everyone from artists to activists. Each week ELIXHER features someone whose personal journey and individual craft inspire us to dream bigger, laugh harder, and love deeper. This week, Rebe...

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Rapper Lil’ B (Sort of) Embraces Gay Fans to Sell Records Rapper Lil’ B made headlines at the Coachella music festival over the weekend after he announced that the title of his upcoming album will be “I’m Gay....

Warrior Poets and Writers

Lesbian and bisexual literary icons whose words have healed and freed us... Staceyann Chin The truth is I’m afraid to draw your black lines around me. I’m not always pale in the middle. I come in too many...
A picture Aisha drew of her Girl Scouts troop.

Our Family: Tiffany and Carla

Our Family is a series that celebrates two-mommy families and delves into some of the challenges they face. The goal of the series is to depict same-sex parent families in a way that’s authentic and dispels myths.

Why Marriage Matters

It is not the government's responsibility to protect the "sanctity" marriage (separation of church and state). The government's responsibility is to ensure fair and equal protection under the law. Marriage matters. In law, in love, in life.

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A Lawsuit’s Unusual Question: Who Is a Man? What is a man? For El’Jai Devoureau, this is not a rhetorical question. Mr. Devoureau, who was born physically female, is a man at the Motor Vehicle Commission, ...

Living On Faith: Reverend Eronica C. King

I know it sounds cliché, but I would not be where I am if not for my faith. The practice of my faith provides me with comfort and peace.  I look back and truly wonder how I made it.  The only answer I can come up with is God. I am truly living on faith. I w...