After rumors of a same-sex union began circulating in her church, Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams announced to her congregation that she did indeed wed a woman earlier this year. She then resigned to avoid “splitting the church.”

The former pastor of Zion Progressive Baptist Church in Detroit, Mich. married Bishop Emeritus Diana Williams of Washington, DC’s Imani Temple of the African-American Catholic Congregation in Iowa back in March, but chose to keep it private until she was ready to share it with the public.

Bishop-Allyson-D.-Nelson-Abrams1“I could have been like so many people are and lied and said it’s not true,” Abrams, 43, told NewsOne. ”But that’s not how I was raised and, as a Christian, I was always taught to be a truthful individual. So when it came up I said, ‘OK. I need to be honest with my congregation and tell them truth about what was a great event for me.”’

After opening up the her church, many of the members reportedly came up to her after the service and gave words of support. Some said that they would follow her to another church.

During her tenure as pastor, Abrams said she always preached about openness and inclusion, but never specifically touched on the subject of marriage equality — she didn’t feel the need to. Her marriage to Bishop Williams is her first relationship with a woman.

”I been progressive in my theology and I got to the point where I was open to love whatever way that came,” said Abrams, who has three adult children and was once married to a man.

“She is definitely my best friend, a wonderful person and is a support system to me in tremendous ways,” Abrams shared about her new wife. “We have a lot in common. We have similar visions, missions and goals. We complement each other very well in how best to serve God.”

We wish them both the best.

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