Style on the Street (SOS) spotlights the versatile and vibrant styles of women of color. This week, three stylish women show us how to work multiple statement pieces in one ensemble. Take not(ic)e.

Name: Cynthia
Profession: Food and Fashion Blogger
Statement Piece(s): In tan leather, an oversize tee is anything but basic. Don’t stop there. Add a pair of glittery wedges, a paper boy hat and sleek black readers. The key? Stick to neutral shades and balance your proportions.

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Name: Kasey
Profession: Student/Model
Statement Piece: Nike SB dunks finish off a posh laidback look. A billowy, white blouse tones down colorful, cropped skinnies.

Photo by Gabrielle Fetus

Photo by Gabrielle Fetus

Name: Liz
Profession: Beauty Associate
Statement Piece(s): Take your LBD to the next level with combat boots and a purple satchel bag. Patterned tights complete this effortless ensemble.

Photo by Mohwanah Fetus

– Compiled by Mohwanah Fetus

Mohwanah Fetus lives in Brooklyn, the soul of New York. Octavia Butler, James Baldwin, and Dany Laferriere are her literary heroes. She’s a manga-geek at heart and loves Afro-futurism. Words she lives by: Fashion is whatever moves you.

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