After Tuesday’s Twitter blowout, author and transgender advocate Janet Mock returned to CNN’s Piers Morgan Live to educate the host about how he and his producers sensationalized her story. Morgan showed he had learned absolutely nothing from the community outcry and how his cis privilege has blinded him. He was rude, abrasive, and repeatedly cut off a composed Mock. Supporters tweeted their solidarity with the hashtag #IStandWithJanet.

“Janet, I get it,” he said. “My advice to you would be next time you’re doing a big high-profile television interview and you feel the interviewer is mischaracterizing your identity or your gender, my advice, and I say this in a nice, friendly, respectful way, is say something. Don’t pretend it’s all gone very well.”

Check your privilege, Piers. Mock courageously and honestly admitted to being afraid to point out his misgendering during the interview out of fear of being an impolite guest. She also beautifully pointed out that being kind (how Morgan conducted himself at the time) and being offensive aren’t mutually exclusive.

As allies, we truly need to know when to step back, shut up, and listen. We don’t get a cookie or a pass for doing what we’re supposed to. “Letting” Mock on his show certainly didn’t give him a pass to blatantly disregard her experience and the backlash from Mock’s supporters.

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What did you think of the segment? How can this be a lesson for allies? 

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